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  1. C

    6L80E and 6L90E into Holden CrossTrac system

    Hi I came across your post whilst I was looking for information on the required electrical interface between an LS1 and 6L80E in a cross 8 Crewman. I am currently getting pricing on manufacturing the required adaptor housing and the stub shaft between the 6L80E and the transfer case. This...
  2. blaize1310

    VZ Crewman how to remove outer C-Pillar and rear roof plastic trims

    Hi Guys, I have a VZ Crewman and the plastic trim parts on the c-pillars and along the back of the turret/roof panel all have clear coat peel, no surprise there huh, anyway I want to remove them so I can get them repainted but I'm not sure whats involved in removing them?? I would prefer to...
  3. L

    Upgraded Fuel pump and injector advice

    hi all. Just got my car back (vz crewman 6ltr) and its making good power, 330 at the wheels but now my issue is fuel flow. I have a NOS system installed and I have been told I need to have enough flow or bang but its already struggling without NOS. Can anyone tell me the flow rate of...
  4. vz_crewman

    VZ Crewman similar to VZ Sedan

    Hi Everyone, Does the front end steering, suspension and cradle of a Holden Crewman (Manual V6) have the same components as a Holden Commodore Sedan (any V6 model). I have damaged the following on my crewman and was wondering if I could source the parts from a sedan that is being parted out...
  5. V

    VY SS Crewman Fuel Pump

    Was hoping on some insight on my fuel pump assembly. I recently changed the fuel pump and screen but I used the old housing. The fuel pump sounded like it was sucking air a bit, thought at first i had the pick up sitting in the wrong place; I removed the hold down plate and played around with...
  6. L

    [WA] 2004 vz crewman

    Not sure where to post Should I look into a 2004 vz crewman, 220,000 kms for $4000 I know there's a lot more to it than just kms but I just want a rough guesstimate. Thanks
  7. Fu Manchu

    Custom VZ Crewman Ute Tray

    Found this video that might help someone doing their own tray on a Tonner or Crewman. Part 1 Custom UTE tray for Holden Crewman Part 1 Part 2 Custom UTE Tray Holden Crewman Part 2 Part 3 Custom UTE Tray Holden Crewman Part 3
  8. StretchTheBuilder

    Vy Crewman Antenna

    G’day, I’ve fitted a new head unit and the power antenna worked fine, but once I’d installed the steering wheel control module the power antenna stopped working. Used pioneer plug and play systems. Can anyone shed some light on this?? Cheers, can’t find anything on the page!
  9. A

    VY Crewman Fuel Flap - what fits?

    Hi everyone, I've had a quick look to see if there were any other threads that answered my question, but had no luck. Apologies if I missed anything relevant and this is a common question. We recently bought a VY Crewman. It's a great car, but the fuel flap is, of course, missing. I really...
  10. BoB_The_Ninja

    Vz Crewman idle surge/safetymode

    Hey guys, I'm new here. What happened: I've been swearing my head off at my car for a couple months now. Originally the car had blown the ODD injector fuse (replaced fuse, and rebuilt injectors, replaced the injector harness). In my excitement of "woo-hoo I can drive the car again" I have...
  11. C

    Crewman problems

    hi all I have just bought a vy crewman it has a few things done to it like motor swap with the 3.8 super6 new suspension bushes ect but what I need to know is what problems do they have so you all know it is the base model windy windows no abs and it’s a one wheel spinner. I do have a clunk in...
  12. S

    VZ Crewman rim change

    I’ve had my red ‘05 crewman for about 12 months now... wondering if anyone with the same ute has changed rims and what they put on. Black, alloy, VE or VF ect. Any ideas what will look good? Cheers
  13. Jp171991

    2005 vz crewman sound system, tub or cab, sub and amp

    Not sure if a thread has been done, Thinking about doing a sound sytem, but I don't wanna lose the back seats as I need them.. Would prefer to do sub and amp in the cab if I can, Or should just bite the bullet and stick them in the tray.. Pics if possible Thanks in advance
  14. G

    [NSW] 06 vz Knocking noise

    hey guys just chasing some advice, When releasing the brakes I hear some sort of a clunk / knock seems to be coming from the passenger side I’ve been advised I need new strut top bushings I just had New caster rod bushes replaced now this noise at random but only when releasing the brakes. Any...
  15. G

    2006 vz front end noise ?

    Just chasing some opinions. I just purchased a 2006 vz s crewman I've replaced what's needs to be replaced now I've suspected new shocks needed in the back noise has worsened over the week. Front end ** main concern When going over a speed bump or uneven surface can hear like a noise like...
  16. M

    VZ Crewman fuel consumption high, V6 Manual, 14.4L/100

    Just wondering if anyone can confirm for me that a V6 engine with a little over 250,000K using 14.4L/100 and is using oil, but not blowing any smoke could be related to the timing chains being worn. Looking at getting a comp test done to ensure rings are fine, but a mechanic mate mentioned that...
  17. W

    Advice on changing Fuel Filter on VZ Storm Crewman

    Hey all, The mrs has just bought a VZ Storm Crewman (V6) which is overdue for a service, I've heard the fuel filters can be a pig to change, has anyone got any advice on making the job easier and the location of the filter? I don't have a pit or hoist unfortunately but do have ramps. Last...
  18. D

    VZ Rear brake issues

    Hi all, great to be here and hoping to be able to contribute in some small way eventually. I am having some issues with the RH rear brake on my 05 VZ SS crewman specifically the outer pad keeps wearing into the caliper bridge, dropping down and starts wearing into the handbrake drum section of...
  19. N

    VZ Crewman vibrations + clunk advice!

    Hi! I'm after a bit of advice, wondering if anyone has suggestions for the causes of a few of these? 1) An inconsistent clunk when going over corrugations or lumps in the road, had this since I got it. Sounds like the tub moving but I can't find anything loose.. 2) It's just begun to...
  20. G

    Vy ss crewman tray

    Hi i have been looking everywere and cant find what im looking for. I wanted to know how much i could sell a 04 ss crewman tray for there doesnt seem to be anything like that for sale anywere. Thanks,
  21. G

    Looking for advice on an upgrade from factory VY SS to VZ or alloy radiator?

    Hi all, I have a 2003 VY SS Crewman. 5.7l 6spd manual. The factory radiator has done 120,000 k's and decided it's done. I am trying to find a decent solution without spending a fortune. I have come across a few threads talking about possibly swapping out the standard VY radiator with the...
  22. S

    Change what lights flash with central locking

    ive had a quick look around this site and some google searching with no luck. ultimately i want to add my spotlights to the central locking so they all flash with the indicators when i lock and unlock the ute. surely someone somewhere has wanted to do the same or there's someone who knows how to...
  23. C

    Secret stash spot

    Are there any secret compartments in a holden crewman? Want to be able to hide a few bottles of alcohol. Could use the spare tyre but damn that seems like alot of work. Any good and hopefully easy ideas? Cheers
  24. R

    Crewman VZ SS 5.7L

    MY Crewman VZ SS 5.7L 2004 She's got 143000 on the clock, Leather interior Auto :/ Lowered rear on 3" Blocks 19" SSV RIMS factory gun metal grey Tunned/ BY WA PERFORMANCE OTR 2.5 exhaust Pacemakers Made 343hp on the dyno Audio Pioneer AV Head Unit Type X Spliters in front...
  25. slyr23

    list of mods for VZ S with ly7

    Hello this is my first post so I'm sorry if I put it in the wrong place. So I've bought my first ever holden yesterday :D And I'm coming from a history of lancers and pulsars so I'm not sure on the availability performance parts for the ly7? I've seen people do some amazing thing with them...
  26. rory

    Crewman Under-Seat Sub

    Hi, Firstly I was just wondering if anyone else has done this and has any hints or tricks? The idea has already been set into motion by me and hopefully isn't too far from being complete... The plan is to remove the plastic compartment from below the rear seat (drivers side due to jack being on...
  27. V

    crewman Bluetooth

    hey guys I've got a parrot ck3000 Bluetooth device and need to wire it up to my vz crewman. can anyone give me a wiring diagram or how to do this. thanks.
  28. R

    Crewmen - Yes / No

    At the moment I have an 01 VU S Ute - 160000km on the clock I have 1 son at the moment with thoughts of a 2nd child Just wondering how people have gone with running a crewman as a family car Also do you loose a lot of the tray compared to a standard Ute The idea was to maybe sell both...
  29. W

    Crewman Sub Placement???

    Hi all, im buying VY II Crewman. I currently have a vx comodore sedan and have kicker speakers and subs. Im wondering if anyone can help me with somewhere to put the subs as i dont want to lose the bass out of my car. Subs are 12' speakers are 6' splits and 6x9. was wondering if anyone has any...