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cross 8


    VY1 vs VY11 Floorpan Difference.. 2WD vs AWD

    Has anyone got some photo's that show the difference between a Series 1 (2WD) and a Series11 or later (AWD) floor pan where the front tailshaft travels in the tunnel? Thankyou in advance.
  2. M

    Help needed with Cross 8 link arms

    Hi everyone, my mates Cross 8 has just been through a roady and the link arm rods have been pinched for being too long. Can someone please let me know what the overall length is supposed to be if possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  3. L

    LS1 cross 8 engine removal for LS gemini conversion. Do i leave the sump in the car?

    Hi im new to this forum thought i join as i am stepping up to a ls iv got no idea what im doing. I'm building a ls gemini ive got a wrecked ls1 cross 8 and looking to throw engine in my gem ive got most of the stuff worked out mounts wiring etc for when i get the motor out but im just wondering...
  4. I

    Adventra Transfer Case/Front Diff problem

    I've got a clunk in the drive train of my '05 Adventra SX6 with 160K on the clock. When the car is coasting to a stop there is a clunk in the drive train when the geabox changes down gears, also there is a lot of slack when I shift from P to D on the auto. I've taken the car to a mechanic I...