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cruise control

  1. Y

    VZ manual cruise control problems.

    Hey guys I'm on my last straw here I've tried every trick I can think of to fix this damn cruise control. I've got a VZ SV8 manual and the cruise enabled but wont set. Sometimes the set will flash on and then off when you try and set it but generally nothing happens. I've tried cruise...
  2. R

    cruise control won't activate

    Hi i have a 07/01 VX SS commodore when trying to use the cruise control press button cruise light comes on in dash but won't set or activate, i see that the stalk and globes can be an issue i've checked all the globes and at some point before i got the car it's had a second hand stalk put on it...
  3. W

    08 VE Calais - check engine, cruise & ESP issues

    Hey all, Been having a few issues with my 08 VE Calais, so thought I'd make an account and see if anyone with a bit more wisdom might be able to help. About three weeks ago the cruise control began randomly deactivating whilst at highway speeds (tested it a little, could only ever get it to...
  4. D

    VZ Commodore DTS C0161 Stop Lights Circuit Crazy Problem

    I have a VZ Commodore that suddenly threw an ABS, ESC and Cruise Control fault. The Cruise Control will not engage and the ABS warning and ESC warning on LCD dashboard. I put the TECH2 on the beasty and the only fault code showing was C0161 "Stop Light Control Circuit Problem". The weird thing...
  5. S

    What fits VS Series 2 indicator stalk with cruise

    Having a BIT!!! of trouble sourcing an indicator stalk for a Series 2 VS Equippe . Would any one have any idea if any other will fit. Apparently they are different to the Series 1. It is just the connectors or are they totally different? If so, does any body know who the engineer was so I can...
  6. Stars-VZ-SS

    Another VZ Cruise Control Tread please assist

    Hi everyone, I have another Issue to sort on my 2006 VZ SS Crewman Auto. It is the Cruise Control not working at all. Seems that it turns on, on dash but does not engage Cruise Control. I have been through the existing threads and am not finding a solution. I changed the blinker stalk with a new...
  7. V

    VR Cruise control wont set

    Hey guys just picked up a vr 5 litre statesman and the cruise isnt activating. Green light comes on, orange stays on if i hold the button then goes out when i release it. Have bridged the second brake switch made no difference. Relay clicks and fuses are good and the module has been replaced...
  8. L

    VE Brake Light Switch Adjustment

    Good aye all. Is there a way of adjusting the sensitivity or position of the brake light switch? Or the brake pedal itself? My cruise control is not always activating, however if I pull the pedal back with my foot it will operate normally again. It must be only a matter of a mm or 2. There...
  9. V

    What to buy a used 2001 VX for?

    HI All, I'm looking to to buying my first commodore... (First car). I was looking at prices but I keep wondering what is the going price for a commodore? More specifically a 2001 Commodore Wagon VX, it is Automatic, has air-con, cruise control (do all commodores have cruise control), Yes...
  10. Z

    Factory Cruise has stopped working on VT equip (Series II)

    G'Day, I have a May 1999 VT Equip model with original factory fitted cruise control which has now stopped working after over a decade of perfect running. I can no longer turn it on (no "Cruise" on dash) or activate it, previous to that, I could randomly get the "Cruise" to come up green...
  11. S

    Cruise control (SV6)

    Hi all, new to the board and certainly looks like a great place for sharing info. Encountered a problem yesterday and thought I'd share here to see if anyone else has experienced the same, and to perhaps warn others as I reckon it could be a pretty major safety issue. Essentially i was...
  12. D

    VX cruise control not working

    My cruise control has been working for years but suddenly stopped. When I press the cruise button nothing comes on. Checked the fuse below the steering column and was fine. Put the fuse back in and press the cruise button and the cruise light comes on (car in idle) but goes off after a few secs...
  13. A

    vx commodore cruise control turns off when not engaged

    hi guys i looked everywhere but i could not find a fix to the problem for the last week or so i have noticed that my cruise control turns off when not engaged and will not turn back on until i turn the car off and on but when it is engaged it has no issues i have checked the brake cruise...
  14. Zom

    Strange Cruise Control Problem

    The vehicle is a VTII Berlina wagon Gen3. The cruise control has been working perfectly since the car was new in 2000. Today it has decided to behave very abnormally. The cruise control (CC) will not stay on. The repeatable test sequence is: 1/ when stationary turn the ignition on but do not...
  15. S

    VT Cruise Control Problem. Intermittently powers off with 'tick' noise under dash...

    Hi All, Tried a lot of the advice on here already re Cruise Control faults. Mine will work OK, then just suddenly turn off. Not just cancel cruising speed, but the cruise control system powers off. All cruise indicator lights on the dash go out and there is an audible 'tick' noise from...
  16. H

    Electrical problems

    I have been having problems with my electrics in my vy ss for a while now. My front windows wont go down i have to hold the button down for 10 sec for it to work or tap the down button lots of times. Now my headlights and radio wont turn off when i open the drivers door i have to turn it all off...
  17. P

    VS series 3 Cruise control

    G'day, I'm looking to put cruise control into my vs series 3 ute but I'm a bit of a spud with electrical thingys so I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to tell if my car already has the cruise control loom (so it's easy to install) or if I'll need to put a loom in. I just need to know...
  18. Hancock5158

    Installing Cruise Control, Manual VS III Ute???

    Hey guys, long time stalker first time poster.. I've been looking around the forum and other places for a few days now trying to find some stuff on how to install cruise control on a manual VS, but a lot of stuff I've read either talks about autos or doesn't give much detail, a lot of info is...
  19. R

    Vr S2 s PAC ute power window and cruise installation

    Hey guys I have a vr ute that i want to put cruise and power windows in I have a series one vs sedan sitting in my back yard would all the wiring be there for both things and can I use vs parts?
  20. V

    Chattering Relays above kick panel

    Hi all, Am new to this forum so please forgive me if someone else has asked before. I have a VX SS Sedan gen3 5.7L Auto. It's done a good mileage (270K) and runs really well, apart from a couple of things. Firstly, there is a relay chatter coming from the front right of the car (above the...
  21. jayden.2.2

    VE Cruise control issues?

    Hey everyone, I've got an issue with the cruise control function on my 2007 VE Berlina. To put it simply, it wont turn on. I try pressing the on/off button and nothing happens, has anybody had an issue like this before? I've noticed other things which may or may not be linked to this...
  22. C

    VE Brake Light and Cruise Control Issue

    My 07 VE SS-V ute has an issue with the brake light and cruise control. The break light comes on without pushing the break pedal. This effects the cruise control. The problem is intermittent. If i pull the pedal towards me with the rear of my foot the break light goes off. But often, whilst...
  23. W

    vp calais commodore front winscreen airvents not working?

    Hi all just picked up my first car and first commodore and need a bit of help it is a 1993 vp calais hsv enhanced everything is working fine except for the aircon vents at the windshield and the cruise control any ideas on whats wrong? any help will be appreciated cheers!
  24. F

    HELP Needed! Vr Cruise Control

    Bought my VR S 94 and it has cruise control. Not entirely sure if it works or not (or can't get it to at least...) I hit the button on the stalk and the green dash light comes on and that's about as far as I've gotten.... How do I work it and find out if it does work or not?? Cheers
  25. H

    HELP '96 VS cruise control

    Hi guys, I have a 1996 VS and considering I have the long weekend I thought it would be a nice time to try and get a few little hiccups fixed with my car. None of my problems are life or death, but i'm not going to send it to a mechanic when I could possibly fix it myself. So CRUISE, I...
  26. L

    Cruise Control

    Hi everyone, I have 2 vn's. One old sedan and one station wagon. I want to take the cruise control out of the old one and instal it into the newer one. Is that possible? Who hard will it be? Thanks in advance :surprise:
  27. T

    ABS module replaced, but still no abs and trac cntrl. cruise control is ok

    Hey i had the common fault with the vt's and abs modules where the lights on the dash would come on and the car would stall etc. abs, trac control and cruise control would not work. I have since replaced the faulty module with a changeover one from ebay and have installed it today, but the abs...
  28. M

    Commodore VR Loom and Cruise Control

    We have recently purchase a Commodore VR Wagon that the previous owner started to put the cruise control in. Sadly he did not complete the job (no stop switch etc) so I am completing it. There is some indication that the current loom supports the cruise control but I need to check. Its...
  29. J

    lights problem

    ok this is the prob, with the headlights turned off everythings fine till i press the brake pedal, then the instrument lights and the park lights come on. But when i turn on the headlights the brake lights stay on and the cruise control dosnt work any help would greatly be appreciated thanx
  30. vscom88

    VR/VS Commodore Series ii Acclaim Cruise Control??

    i recently bought a vs s2 acclaim and the cruise control dosnt work. iv changed the fuses over but still nothing. a mate of mine with a vr acclaim has the problem. how can this be fixed without spending hundreds taking it to a auto elec? also when the car was first bought it used to be able...
  31. M

    Cruise Control VXII

    hello peoples, where abouts do i start ot the best place to look at getting cruise control installed into a VX series II executive wagon? any idea on the price? Matt Perth