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  1. D

    Cruise Control patch harness

    Hi guys, looking at installing cruise into the VS ute, but no wiring to support it installed. I've checked in the engine bay, under the dash and there's nothing. I've found a guy selling a patch harness from Holden, but I just wanted to check some things first. 1. are there 2 looms in the patch...
  2. M

    Fat red wire under glove box cruise control?

    Under the glove box i have a fat red wire that has been cut, it has about 12 smaller wires around a 3 wire core anyone have any idea as to what this does? cant get a pic right now or even find it in any pics or posts, i'm thinking it may be cruise control as mine never worked wire is...
  3. moff_man

    is the vs cruise diagram the same as a vr

    i have the vs diagram but just wondering if the vr one was the same my cruise in the berlina is playing up. sometimes it works and some times it doesn't. it all comes down to if the crs light is on it will work, but if the light is off it wont (sounds silly but read on) i can press the on off...
  4. MattyC

    Perth Cruise, Sunday 13 June - Karrinyup..???

    Hey, Does anyone know what happened at the carpark, while i was on my way home i noticed a carpark full of cars and people so i decided to turn in and see what was going on, when I turned in there were cops there talking to everyone whilist another was walking around writing everyones...
  5. Nanos

    Official Victorian Bushfire Appeal Cruise

    WHAT: BBQ to raise donations at Mount Dandenong. Minux has kindly donated his time to take professional pics of anyones cars. You can buy these pics off Minux with all proceeds going to the fire appeal. A donation is required from all attending. Remember this is for all those affected by the...
  6. ve ss man

    Bathurst cruise, ve ss,sv6,berlina,calais cruise

    anyone interested in a picnic/cruise to bathurst on 15th february? :thumbsup: prefer ve ss ,calais,berlina, sv6 or any other V8 model commodore. leaving penrith early on the day. cheers chris:thumbsup: