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  1. T

    Custom hsv interior

    Hi Hi I've got some custom hsv interior to suit VC-VL and I'm just wondering if anyone could tell me how much it's worth or how much it would cost to have made, I'll try upload pics, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. F

    VT Commodore Interior Change

    I've been checking out these forums for a while now and thought that its about time i posted something. I've been in the process of changing interiors around and stuff and I think I've made some decent progress with a Vt Spac and thought i'd share. I've changed out the boring old pewter grey...
  3. MK2RIDA

    Show us what you've done to your SIDI.

    Just curious to see what people have done to their SIDI. Heaps of aftermarket stuff these days, as well as custom options (if you have the cash) and with the end of manufacturing was keen to see if people are starting to look further than otrs and plenums etc etc.
  4. ReaperTBS

    VE Calais V - Custom Exhaust Setup

    Hi! Anybody got any ideas on what kind of exhaust setup I should go with for the Calais? I love the sound it makes already, but i'd really just like a bit more volume, the thing's almost too quiet as it stands :P All stock currently, not even entirely sure of the engine model, but it's the...

    Making a custom cluster for a vk

    Hey guys iv got a 84 vk 308 with a bit of work done to it and im wanting to make a custom cluster for it has anyone done this on here and have any tips? Or suggestions. My odometer stopped 81k can you get electronic ones to keep track of what your doing or just forget about the ks? Cheers
  6. Commo_Carl


    Hey guys, Recently ditched my already custom recliner style bucket drivers seat for a full fiberglass fixed back racing seat in my custom turbo VR V6 turbo ute. Check out the install video below for a thorough how-to! Be sure to check out my channel for tonnes more custom and how-to vids!
  7. H

    Change VZ Tail Lights

    I have a vz executive and I brought some sv6 tail lights and the sockets where the bulbs sit don't fit. How do I fix this and if I need to get a new wiring loom where can I get one from? Thanks
  8. M

    custom pedal car \ 2 stroke power

    hi everyone, I signed up a while ago, ive got a vz wagon with clubsport body kit. ill just start with a bit about what im up to. the wife wont let me have a real project car yet. 2 young boys taking up my time..... but ive come up with the idea on building the oldest son a custom pedal car...
  9. N

    Installing HSV Clubsport Tail Lights On Omega

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post. I have an Omega 2008 Model and am wanting to correctly install the HSV Clubsport tail lights. I have already had them installed, and they are in working condition, however they have caused several errors on the Centre Display...
  10. ALitreBoy

    VZ Calais 3 window speedo white plastic removal?

    Hey guys I just completed conversion my climate control green led into blue and im doing on my calais speedo right now but im stuck with lcd screen sitting top of white plastic cover, im wondering if lcd is removeable or not. if not, how i can change the leds? Thank you
  11. S

    Thoughts? :)

    VZ Grille Photo by loltrain987 | Photobucket
  12. W

    VX/VU Indicator Stalk Upgrade

    Hi, I have a 2001 VU S pac manual and I love it but it is only a series 1 and it has the big chunky wiper/indicator stalks on it.. I believe that the series 2 has the nicer ones (like a VY/VZ). If I bought a set of these, would they be a straight swap for mine? And would everything work...
  13. lifel355

    Mustang Restoration

    Just did a Photoshop restoration. Just a quick look at my style and the way I like things to look. If anyone is interested in some mods on their cars I would be happy to help. Cheers :)
  14. H

    Support my VH SL/X Fact v8, Shed build :) coming 1st out of 60+ newer cars

    Happy easter! My cars doing pretty well coming 2nd in King of Kustom comp held by Adelaide city holden. Could u click the pic and hit the green vote. Likes don't count but help ppl to see. If u have the time please share id appreciate it so much thanks Darren...
  15. J

    Vl wiring

    Anyone have a wiring diagram for the wires that lead to the cluster need to find Fuel gauge signal wire Left blinker light wire Right blinker light wire And handbrake light wire Making a custom dash and can't seam to find these pickup wires Cheers guys
  16. V

    VT/VX Dials

    Hey guys, Does anyone have any custom sorta dials in a VT or VX? Wondering if anyone has any of these kind of ones? And why not chuck yours in if you have different coloured LED's or anything. Show us what ya got!
  17. derjizm

    EOI: Custom VL Clusters [POLL]

    Hi all, not sure how many VL users use this site compared to others, but I'll post this here for now. I'm looking at possibly customising VL instrument clusters by adding a small LCD Screen with battery voltage, speed, trip meter and odometer. I'm still working on it, but If I can get it...
  18. V

    VR/VS Cluster

    Hey Guys, Is there anyone out there that has one of these types of dash facia thing on there car? Im wondering if these things are any good or just a waste of money. http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/ODAwWDgwMA==/$T2eC16VHJHIE9nyseFruBQwrfvrsZw~~60_3.JPG This guy has a whole lot of them on ebay...
  19. B

    SV6 Bumper on Omega - Photos.

    Hey guys, I want to put a SV6 bumper on my omega and i know there's so many different opinions but could someone post me some photos of there transformation? Just wanna see if it all works with the bumper and if it looks right.
  20. 0

    Custom and replica bodykits

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum thing so forgive me if I don't get this right haha. Does anyone here know if anyone produces and or has the capability to produce a replica of the rear bar that was fitted to he HRT427 monaro? It was very different to the standard bars and so far all searches I've...
  21. M

    different neon ideas n thawts n undercar setup prob.

    Gday all. never really been a fan of neons but can c potential. instead of footwells n and seats having. under them wich I'm nt a fan of or flashers on subs. I'm thinking a dull glowing. light strips down headliner? Along bottom internal door trim? Any ideas or thawts would b nice and 2ndly. was...
  22. Jaffa

    Steering wheel removal etc

    I own a 1995 VS V6 Executive and I want to customise and personalise it. I am currently having trouble with the steering wheel and have a few questions concerning this. 1. How do you remove the steering wheel? 2. What is the bolt pattern of the factory steering wheel? The steering wheel I...
  23. M

    My 2007 omega

    This is my 07 omega s i am only on my ps Mods: SS wing SS front bumper SS tail lights 20" versus racing rims (9.5 rear 8.5 front) lowered on king springs all round Focal 12' sub blue interior bulbs led tail light bulbs blue led engine light (pic to come) Future mods: cold air...
  24. JT Ute

    [NSW] VU-VY-VZ Ute Custom Fiberglass Sub Box - For twin 12"s

    ITEM: Custom in tray, fiberglass and MDF sub box LOCATION: Sydney CONDITION: Used PRICE: Make an offer PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: The box is a bandpass enclosure, so it has a sealed box at the rear of the subs and ported...
  25. A

    Pearl White VE SS

    2008 model, SS with the 6 speed manual. Mods done are: - Sports exhaust - Cold Air Induction - Tuned computer - Lowered - Pearl White respray - Shadow chromed wheels Hope you enjoy!
  26. U

    custom ve fascia question

    Hi guys. I have been looking everywhere but i have not seem to found what i am looking for. I would like to know which sort of headunits are compatible with the fascia. will all double din headunits work with the HVAC and steering controls or are only certain ones compatible? If that's already...
  27. aco.vy

    My 2nd girlfriend

    Hey guys, just wanted to show my VY to you :) Started off as a stock as a rock VY executive which i got from my parents MODS: - sound system - SS front bumper - Removed black side strips - 18" VE rims - SS spoiler - Tinted Windows - Seat covers ;) (gets all the ladies) - Niteshade...
  28. S

    Custom centre console

    Hey guys, I'm looking at building a custom centre console for my VG ute, It's a column shift auto with VS buckets in place of the old bench seat.. What I'm going to do is swap the standard ute centre dash panel and stereo surround for the one out of a wagon so that the standard centre console...
  29. K

    Modifying My VS Manual Ute

    Hey guys. I just bought a VS Ute, manual with Gas.. Im starting to make it look custom as, Ive got a ve clubsport front bumper, led lights inside and out, Xeon headlights, sick tail lights etc. Im wondering how to make it look unlike a VS and into something Rare and custom. Can i put VU mirror's...
  30. iaydemir

    Need suggestion's picking color!

    Hi Guys, Need suggestion's on what colour i should go with my VY. Its going to be a full respray, also have a sunroof that is going on. Because if the chrome trimmings etc on the outside im thinking of a Jet black, or a charcoal kind of colour but still have no idea.. Any suggestions?
  31. V

    Anyone custom fitted a push button start?

    Anyone created a custom push button start? And what way have you done it?
  32. WNTDVT

    [VIC] F.S. 1991 VQ Statesman - Clean example, mechanically sound, custom paint **SOLD**

    ITEM: 1991 Holden VQ Statesman PRICE: $7,500 with rims, $6,500 without. Serious offers considered, NO swaps. LOCATION: Victoria, 1hr north of CBD. YEAR: 1991. SERIES: VQ. BADGE: Statesman. ENGINE: 5.0L V8. TRANSMISSION: Automatic. COLOUR: Mercury silver with lilac pearl (3-layer)...
  33. K

    chrome pinstripes on my VZ's lights

    hey there guys nothing too special just throwin these few pics up here to maybe get ur opinion. all it is, is chrome vinyl cut down like pinstriping and simply applied.. does it look a bit iffy? be honest n let me know lol cheers guys
  34. JSTCOZ

    VT/VX with quad exhaust

    Hey guys, Bored and was curious what peoples opinions were on putting quad pipes on a VT/VX s-pack. Below is my car with a cheap photoshop of what it would look like. :idea3: I was thinking i might have to change the tips to the ones that curve with the body or maybe something else that suits...
  35. J


    Hi guys, I am always reading this forum and learning heaps of stuff, but have never posted here before. So here goes... Hopefully this is relevant to this forum as i haven’t really seen any airbrushing topics, so feel free to move/delete the thread. I just wanted to show you some of my...
  36. C

    VS UTE Give me ideas/opinions

    Just after a bit of feedback for my 1996 model VS II Ute, maybe some ideas for mods to do on it or give me an idea on what its worth It has custom blue paint (painted 5 yrs ago) 12 months NSW rego 3.8ltr Ecotec V6 with 213000kms 5spd Manual with 18" BSA Alloy wheels with Falken tyres...
  37. T

    Panther's Wicked VS

    Hey all! I've been lurking around these forums for ages now, reading and learning as much as i can about our fantastic cars and i figured its about time for me to show mine off. Hell, some of you have probably helped create her in your own way from some of your posts! So i picked her up 4...
  38. TXB-409

    VT Berlina boot and footwell, need help.

    Hey guys, Just wanting to change the light inside the boot to make my subs look better rather than the stock shitty yellow globe, but I can't seem to find a clip or anything to take it off to change the globe. Can anyone tell me if there is a clip or if not, how to get to the LED inside it...
  39. klampy

    Custom front bar. a RARITY these days.

    What do you think?
  40. H

    [VIC] VY / VZ custom fibreglass 12" subwoofer box

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted: VY/ VZ custom fibreglass 12" subwoofer box ITEM: Fits 12" subs in boot of car LOCATION: Western Suburbs Victoria CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Would prefer to pick up PAYMENT OPTIONS: CASH CONTACT DETAILS: PM me or msg 0423666219