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cut out

  1. VTSS Adelaide

    Vt ls1 fuel pump cut out while driving

    Hey would any one know why my fuel pump would just cut out while i was driving its not the pump because i ran power to it and it worked and theres no power to the relay when i bypassed it need car to get to work any help would be appreciated
  2. A

    Vx berlina odd lights

    This morning while driving my battery light came on and the spedo , temp, fuel gauge dropped to bottom (as if car was off). At the same time the Ac powered off, the odometer flashed with current kms. After a bit all came back on. This happened several times on the 40min trip. From the first...
  3. vscalais995

    Engine cut-out on petrol around 3000rpm

    Hey all, i have a 95 VS calais on factory LPG and Petrol. I'm having an issue with the petrol that i cannot figure out. When driving the car on petrol it runs fine until around 3000-3500rpm when the engine cuts out very harshly completely dropping down to pretty much 0 rpm and sometimes stalls...
  4. E

    vs not starting. help pls=(

    this morning i went to start my car. put the key in, turned to on position, all warning lights turned on (oil, engine, all the usual stuff) and tried to start the car via push buton switch i installed (never had any problems with it). as soon as i depressed the button, everything cut out...