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cutting out

  1. Adrian's Vr

    Vr cuts out whilst driving

    When I start driving my vr is always starts to slowly cut off and on then completely shuts off after like 5-10 minutes in the first drive of the day but after i turn my car back on (instant start) it doesn't happen again, I have a new crank angle sensor so I'm pretty certain its my dfi, only...
  2. T

    Mystery power cut out, already changed the basics

    Gday guys ive got a weird problem i can't get to the bottom of, me VT runs nice but would randomly cut out and not start. I changed the alternator and starter motor then gave it a jump as my bat was flat. It only just cranked over then immediately cut out when i took the jumper cables off. I...
  3. P

    vs statesman ls1 cutting out!

    hi first post here, i have a 96 statesman that has had a ls1 put in it.. it has a t350 beefed up g/box, but ive had issues with it cutting out (literally as if some one has turned the engine off), but starts and runs fine after. the ls1 has a mild cam, exhaust and mafless tune it used to...
  4. 0

    Sound System Problems

    Hey guys, Wondering if anyone can help me, have had my sound system installed just under a year now this includes DVD head unit, 6" front with tweeters, 6" back and two 12" subs running off 1000W mono and 1000W 4 channel, have a problem now when i start up the car the tweeters hum with the...
  5. J

    Sub broken?? Or is it the Amp? What's going on?

    So I've been having a problem where the rear parcel shelf speakers and the Sub randmomly cuts in and out (doesn't seem to have anything to do with frquency). I bought my car with this system already installed. It has tweeters, all door splits, the parcel shelf speakers and the Sub all...