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  1. dan92l

    Dan's 04 Monaro CV8-R

    Hey guys I've had an account for a while but this is my first time actually posting. here is my new weekender. Model- Holden Monaro CV8-R Year- 2004 Colour - Pulse Red Transmission - Automatic Engine - 5.7 LS1 Exhaust - 2.5" Catback Suspension - Standard FE2 Wheels - Standard CV8-R Wheels...
  2. A

    Climate Control Stuck on Demist Mode on V2 Monaro

    Hey there, First post on Just Commodores and seeking some help from the awesome Commodore community. Well since I purchased my 2002 Holden V2 Monaro CV8 2013 I've had issues with my Climate Control. For some odd reason it's stuck on the Front Window Demister mode and when I attempt to change...
  3. P

    [LS1] Monaro LS1 to LS7

    Hi all So I'm pretty much a total noob when it comes to mechanical anything, but I do like to drive. I now own an '02 V2 5.7L CV8 Monaro, 6 speed manual. What I would like to do is drop a 7.0L LS7 in it. Project aim: Awesomesauce. Money is not an option. I'm looking to turn my Monaro in...
  4. N

    Buying CV8???!

    Hi guys, I'm looking at buying a 2003 series 2 CV8 manual. I have searched through the forum and only found my question relating to VY commodores. I just wanted to know what are the big things to check on S2 monaros? It is priced at $17,990 with 126,000km on the dial. It's stock standard with...
  5. Y

    [VIC] Heart broken if true!!!

    Hi all, Just bought a 2002 Monaro V2 VX CV8 and was told that I Can't get quad exhaust in it due to the petrol tank or the floor pan. IS THERE A WAY AROUND IT? PLEASE LET THERE BE HOPE...
  6. T

    Vz Monaro Break Lettering

    Hey, Just wondering if i can get replacement lettering on the breaks of my cv8. The previous owner painted them silver for some reason and when i rubbed the paint off it damaged the monaro lettering. this is the worst one out of the two sides. thanks TimR
  7. G

    Cv8 what is this car

    Hello, I picked up this Vauxhall Monaro from a Perth car yard. 2004 the monaro was launched in the UK. Anbody know anything aHbout these? Especially the roof lining, looks like some sort of fiber??? Cheers
  8. M

    Monaro CV8 V2 (Similar to VT Calais) Dash removal

    Guys, Long time lurker first time poster: Have a Monaro CV8 V2 2002 which I have been doing a little tinkering on. Some of the light bulbs in the climate control units buttons have gone out. Looks like you need to pull the dash cover off to get to the unit, hope this can be done...
  9. VT-MMM

    Genuine monaro Front bumper and side skirts.

    Hi just wondering if anyone knows what a genuine VT-VX CV8 front bumper and side skirts would be worth. I have a set here that im thinking about selling and wonder what they are worth? Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  10. D

    My Ride - 2005 VZ Monaro CV8

    Hey Guys, I've been pressured by the boys to put up a bit of a blurb about my ride so here goes. I got the car recently (September 2011) and have been pleasantly and thoroughly impressed by the car since I took ownership. After a recent drive to Melbourne I can happily report I've had zero...
  11. S

    anyone selling VZ cv8 / ssz wheels??

    hey guys and girls, im interested in buying a set of VZ cv8 wheels also known as ssz wheels. im looking at getting them second hand in good condition, genuine not replicas. if anyone has a set that they want to sell or knows some that does leave a comment :) thanks!
  12. V

    '02 CV8 Monaro Mods [Advice]

    Hey all, I'm a new poster to the forums, although I have spent quite a deal of time lately reading up on a lot of the justcommodores forum. And also a fair newbie to the V8 and car modification bug, so I hope you'll excuse any questions that may seem a little 'unknowledgeable' (?):hmmm: haha...