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  1. K

    Has any1 seen this sort of damage before?? Piston damage, bent pushrods, melted intake manifold

    So I went against my own golden rule & I let 'a mate' who said they knew what they were doing, work on my pride & joy BIGGEST mistake I ever made as you can see... Luckily I have a really good mate who actually is a good mate & is saving my butt right now. We've decided to go with a motor swap...
  2. bns_vs_ute3885

    Running rough after overheating

    G’day, Wondering if someone could give me an idea on what might be wrong with my ute. It overheated yesterday, driving in high temps. Unbeknownst to me, I’ve a slow leak in the radiator and ran out of coolant on the way home for a trip. Engine started ticking when I accelerated, so found a...
  3. K

    Help With Damaged Side Skirt

    I just removed the mud guards off my VX II S-pac and found this pushed in area on my side skirt: Side View: Underneath view: I am guessing that the mud guard has pushed into the side skirt to create the damaged area. What are suggestions for fixing this? I have not had much...
  4. S

    touched the battery and blew my trans?

    G'day guys, just wanted to share something with you that i'm kinda finding hard to comprehend, and potentially leaving me a good couple grand down as a result. It all started 3 days ago where i attempted to install a hands free kit into my car. It should be known that previous to this, i had...
  5. chevdreamer

    Flood Damaged VT

    So with the rain and flooding we had yesterday it my wife 2 1/2 hours to get from bentleigh to hampton park ( just shy of our narre south home). She went through flood water got stuck in the middle water was up to the door handles. she tried starting the car in the water (she knows nothing about...
  6. S

    Rear End Beating

    Somehow my VS exec ended up rear ending a pole and has pushed my boot in a bit. The lid is bent in and the bumper was too but popped the bumper out. The pole has pushed the panel behind the boot lid/bumper and needs to be panel beated back out cause the lid wont line up and boot is bent on an...
  7. vyssute01

    Front bumper damage...

    Just broke the clips on the bumper and its hanging down.. does anybody know if they can be fixed or do i need a new front bumper???:cry:
  8. Peter89

    After the repairs :S

    A few months back i clipped a parked car cuz of a truck. the problem was the front left wheel got caught (probably cuz of large rims and tyres) and it destroyed the front LHS suspension/steering. It got all repaired for $680, so not too bad. however, driving the car now feels like ****...