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dash lights dont work

  1. 3

    vr berlina climate contrail problems

    vr berlina climate control problems hey guys i just bought a vr berlina the other day an im havin problems with the climate control, when i turn on the headlights the climate control turns on but the screen on the control is blank till i turn it on, the lcds in the dash cluster also stopped...
  2. HT_Monaro

    My VN dash wont light up

    (srry if i posted this twice but i cant find the 1st one i did) so my dash lights dont work i checked the fuses and lights bulb and they are fine and in the lower strip the lights for indicators and hi beams etc work it just wont illuminate the spedo, temp or fuels guage part. can anyone help...
  3. M

    Vp replacing bulbs with LEDs...

    i just bought some red LED lights because the ones behind my dash aren't working and i dunno how fast im going at night. took out all the face and stuff and theres a lot of bulbs... anyone know which ones i change?