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dash lights

  1. T

    ABS light on but no error code.

    I recently put my VX wagon in for a roady and while it was in i got the mechanic to check the lights on the dash that were coming on and off, there was ABS and traction control and I think engine - but the engin light may be off now because I just replaced engine mounts and rocket cover gaskets...
  2. J

    Holden vx Rear number plate lights, parking lights and dash lights not working

    i bought LEDs for my number plate light. befor i soldered them i used some insulation tape to wire them together just to see if their working and they did. so just before i was about to solder them the positive and negative wires must have touched eachother, one sparked and now i have no number...
  3. I

    Dash Lights and Parkers - Ignition

    Hi Guys, I recently had Phreddy give my VZ SV6 some love and i gotta say his work is bloody brilliant! Really geniune bloke. Anyway i was wondering if i could somehow have my dash lights and parkers left on with ignition, so i can have my headlights on with the sensor but my dash and parkers...
  4. V

    ABS / Trac on-OFF, Oil, Engine Warning Lights on DASH

    Hi there everyone, I have got a VX SS 2001 Sedan. PROBLEM is firstly ABS warning light comes on then a few seconds later all others (Trac ON/OFF, Engine, Oil - like a bloodly christmas tree lights!) Then after checking all engine stuff - eg, oil,fliuds & belts still same thing. After driving for...
  5. C

    Help: dash light

    Hi guys, my holden commodre VS has a problem on my dash. The battery light keeps coming on when i brake or step off the gas and when i accelerate up to 3,000 rpm the light goes away. Does anyone know the problem ? As I've already changed the battery and the light is still showing. cheers...
  6. B

    change interior lights blue in sv6

    hi holden peeps, im currently in brisbane and been searching for a dealer who could convert interior lights in my sv6, im bored with the green and i want to change it to blue. im having abit of trouble finding a auto electrician who can do this, does anyone in brisbane who knows a place, or...
  7. All style

    1995 VR Acclaim ( lights in dash )

    hey guys i was just wondoring the stock white lights behind dials on dash im going to change what light size will fit in there the t5 ? or t10 i have brought a pack of t5s but if i take a part to see if they fit i wont be able to drive to shop to get more so i need to know what size and how...
  8. skids13

    VT cluster question

    Hey, im new to this so bare with me. My fuel guage globes hav gone out in my VT series 2 and makes it hard to read at night and want to replace it, I thought if I'm gonna fix it, may as well go L.E.D. just wondering if anyone does L.E.D. dash conversions in Melbourne??? I live in Bendigo and...
  9. jonwilliams76

    Dash Lights Daytime

    Is there away to turn on the dash lights fulltime without having the lights on...