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    Interior pillar plastic removal

    I need to remove the front and rear plastic Pillars
  2. V


    I need to replace the dashboard and for the life of me can't find anywhere that sells them!? HELPPPPP please
  3. S

    VC Commodore sports cluster issues...

    I bought a sports cluster for my commodore L model and the wires to make the rev counter work are not there. The temp gauge, volt gauge, speedo, and fuel gauge work. Does anyone know how to get the rev counter work? Is there more wires or should it just work?
  4. V

    VS dash removal???

    Hello guys, I know that their are a few post's about this however I'm really looking for a video or step by step photo instructions on how to remove the whole dash out, as I would like to change the color from the grayish color to black if i can but i want to take it out to do the job properly...
  5. J

    Orange light appearing on my dash board!! (VX)

    Have recently noticed a orange light that comes up on my VX dashboard of a motor or somthing with a lightning bolt going through it. does any one no what it means and how i can fix it?
  6. R

    VP Holden - Painting dashboard

    I have a VP ute, with the sh*t brown interior, I want to change the color of the dashboard to a more modern dark grey or black. How would I go about removing the complete dashboard for painting & restoration? Would it be quicker if I bought another dash, fix it up at my leisure & then when...
  7. DeadlySphinx

    VS Calais "Whine" sound from the dashboard

    Hey guys, Okay, this is weird. I've done a search, and have read a couple of threads that are similar to this, however they proved to be of no real help. The past few days, it sounds like there is a tiny supercharger in the dashboard of my VS Calais. The "whining" sound seems to be coming...
  8. Gilly91

    Installing aftermarket tweeters VS II ute

    Hi, I am trying to install a set of splits in my VS ute and wanted to put the tweeters in the stock location. I tried and tried but could not work out how to remove the plastic covers on the dash where the air con comes out on to the windscreen. I removed the side panel of the dash (also...
  9. Wherry951

    VZ to VR Dash Cluster?

    Hi im wondering if i can get a new cluster off ebay and fit it in my VR. I dot really like my one much and i love the look of the VY/VZ clusters and im just wondering if i could fit it without any major difficulty or it costing heaps of money to modify the dash If that wont fit are their any...
  10. jonwilliams76

    Dash Lights Daytime

    Is there away to turn on the dash lights fulltime without having the lights on...
  11. I drive a VL Commodore

    Windscreen wiper dashboard cluster

    In regards to this little item, on my 1988 VL Commodore poverty-pack: Does anyone have a wiring diagram or can otherwise inform me of the purpose of each one of these wires? Reason I am asking is the clip appears to have failed and if I am unable to fix it I will be cutting all the...
  12. M

    VK Calais digital dash to analog dash

    Hi, I'm wanting to convert my digital dash in my VK Calais to a ex cop I have which is analog. Can it bolt straight in or do I need a new wiring loom or anything? Thanks.
  13. Abrowne70

    Tail Lights and Dashboard

    Hey guys mate just bought a vl and we went for his first drive in it and got defected for no taillights. So they were working and the dashboard was lit up aswell, all of a sudden now they arent, checked the fuses but curious if anyone else has any ideas of what it could be. All help...