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  1. N

    Commodore VT ecotec Alternators keep dying.

    Hi guys I'm on my fourth alternator for my 98 VT ecotec in a year and it's failing on me again. They've all had issues with charging at too low a voltage (11.9V idle and around 12.9V at 2000rpm, then after a month or two even under load it is about 11.9V). So far I've all but the original have...
  2. M

    Will not start........ VX Berlina

    key in ignittion: nothing. no lights, not a thing. Came home from a holiday to the wife telling me the car wont start. First thing I did was try the 1200 amp battery pack n tried to jump the car. As soon as I turned the starter pack on the motor started to turn over. keys were in my...
  3. P

    VL Fuel pump blew up

    Hello, sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, I searched and couldn't find anything related.. I was driving my VL N/A the other day and heard a loud "bang" sound from the rear so I put the car in park and looked under the back but couldn't see anything.. I continued driving and about 400...
  4. B

    dead vx

    hi guys, havin a little trouble with the ss..at first it was idling rough and stalling and took a good 7 seconds of cranking to fire, changed coolant temp sensor, IAC valve, fuel pump and filter, crank sensor. now iv noticed the scanner cannot connect with the engine or trans, but it can with...
  5. S

    Engine stops, fuel light on, battery light on GOODBYE

    like 60kms left of petrol left. Whilst cruising along the highway @100km, the car loses all power. The fuel light comes on... the battery light comes on. I flick the hazards and pull over. I start the car (try to), it TRIES to kick over. Nothing,... thinking fuel pump issue? (this is where I...