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  1. J

    Your VF2... How long did you wait.

    I am interested to know how long people have waited for their cars to land after ordering. My scenario: VF2 Redline Sportwagon ordered / deposit paid on 29 Feb. (I left it to the last day of the month to get a better deal. The dealer seemed to be having a quiet sales month). The delivery date...
  2. 666damo

    Polite (but slow) in-warranty dealer repairs for an '08 Calais [Muirs, Ashfield NSW]

    Thought I'd post my ongoing expeience with a dealer here. I recently purchased a second-hand Calais which is still in the new car warranty. The nav screen, dependent on other factors explained later, will start rolling (like old CRT monitors) or change colours (i've seen it in magenta...