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  1. Fandango68

    Rear window demister and removing old tint - VY Wagon

    Noob, but a Commodore lover here. I want to remove the rear window tint as it's bubbling, but I stupidly started peeling it by hand and now I have flaky bits and glue left behind. Most of the plastic layer is still there. I've Googled techniques from plastic black bags to create heat and melt...
  2. J

    vk touch pad

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can help me out here. In my VK calais, I have the touch pad underneath the left side of my dash. i know 1 button is to make the antenna go down, one to go up and one for the demister. I dont think the other buttons do anything do they? and if not, can I hack...
  3. H

    Moisture inside Windshield

    Hey all...I usually us ethe demister function along with the a/c to get rid of the 'foggy' effect ion the front windshield, however just recently after i park the car and leave it for a half hour or so and go back in, i realise that there is literally drops on my front windshield right above the...
  4. S

    bought a vt few problems. Whats covered by a roadworthy

    Bought a 1998 vt Calais last week. Car came with a roadworthy. Has a few problems. There is a piece of the rear windscreen seal about 20mm long missing (fogs it up quite badly) The car makes a high pitch whistling when the rear demister is on. Anybody know why?. the drivers door window...
  5. R

    Odd behaviour from air con

    I have a VZ Berlina with climate control. When the engine is under load eg going up a hill, the airflow will divert from the dash vents to the windscreen demist vents until there is no load on the engine. The effect is loud wind flow noise form the demist vents, no air from dash vents at all...
  6. W

    Demister and Fan problem

    Hi guys, The rear demister and fan in my vs has been a problem for quite a while. basically they come on whenever they feel like it, and as time goes on they feel like it less and less. Im leaning towards the direction of a loose cable or something they are either both on or both off...
  7. J

    help! wiper/aircon elect issue

    I have a problem with my vt , when i switch on or off the air con or demister switches the wipers come on, could the wiring be crossed??