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  1. S

    Looking for backyard panel beater/spray painter

    Hi, Bought my 2004 exec 2 weeks ago and already someone has added a scratch to the left rear door + quarter panel, in a parking lot and didn't leave a note! The scratch is deep, I can see metal in some places and there is a slight dent in the rear quarter panel. Had a few estimates...
  2. W

    Thumb size dent removal

    G'day all The Tail Gate on my Vy Ute has 2 small thumbsize dents from the previous owner.. (all too common) Are they difficult to pull back out, is there an at home technique? Also what do Paint less dent removal guys charge roughly? Cheers!
  3. S

    My VX Lumina!!

    Pretty basic atm but iv been slowly getttin it better! Bought for $6,200 with the dent, bad side skirts, few minor scratches and couple of bad gouges on the back panel. Before Front left hand quater panel Side skirts Car And then $300 later (Panel beated/ Cut, Polish and...