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  1. J

    vs stroker rebuild please help

    THE PLAN ok guys im planning on building my vs 3.8 ecotec into a stage 4 stroker kit full forged rated for 20 psi boost (Hcons, forge dimond pistns 30 thou os, and all that). as of current situations i will not be t/c or s/c due to money but definatly building it to be bullet proof. its...
  2. P

    VS Berlina 6Pak with brake/suspension issues

    Hey to all, New to the site and really need a hand diagnosing some problems with my series 1 VS Berlina. Me >>:bang: The problem is that I just rebuilt the brakes (DBA Slotted and Ventilated Rotors, Ferodo pads), and the hubs on the front end, and over the last week or so she has been...