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devil yellow

  1. N

    Buying CV8???!

    Hi guys, I'm looking at buying a 2003 series 2 CV8 manual. I have searched through the forum and only found my question relating to VY commodores. I just wanted to know what are the big things to check on S2 monaros? It is priced at $17,990 with 126,000km on the dial. It's stock standard with...
  2. V

    Devil yellow vt ls1

    Hey, new to this forum but thought i would get some opinion on my half completed project... I have a Vt Executive, its had a respray in devil yellow, Gto kit, Monster stereo, Custom yellow interior, Lenso speed six rims, Lowered, Tail and headlights, Vx ss yellow dash, ported, rings and pistons...