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  1. Adrian's Vr

    CAS issues

    So few months ago my car would start to cut out and after 2 minutes of on and off it finally cut out but starts up again, only happens in the morning when its cold, then one day it completely cut off and I changed my DFI module and coils from a old motor, now its 6 months later and its doing the...
  2. E

    Lifespan of standard parts...

    What are people's experience on the lifespan of their VT parts in kms, assuming it's from the factory, DFI modules, Coils, Fuel pump, Belt Tensioners, steering pump etc? I'm guessing by the 200,000km mark pretty much all sensors would have been replaced, and potentially the coils and DFI and...
  3. D

    Help please, VT Berlina constantly stalls, won't start, no fault codes.

    I've got a 98 Berlina which for the last month has been giving me serious trouble. At first it stalled and had to be towed, traced the problem to the DFI module. A little wiggle of the connecting wires to the DFI was able to get it started, so we replaced the DFI and coil packs for good measure...
  4. 1991_Vn2nV

    VY V6 stalling intermittently? Try this before you start spending $$$

    Just posting this up, as I had an issue last night and tried searching here for a solution but didn't get much luck with my problem. So thought my experience may prove handy to others... On the way home last night, I started the VY and before I put it into Reverse, it stalled. Before this I'd...
  5. nalchlan

    dfi module playing up

    hey guys on Friday I must have gotten some water from QR in my dfi module, as my no. 2and 5 coil is not sparking, I have msd replacements so I checked with a stock coil, still no spark. can coils be interchanged I would like to check with a coil that I know is functioning. another question is...
  6. jaron88


    Hi, well i own a 1998 VT S1, i have been having trouble starting my car, it cranks but wont start?? Ive replaced my CAS, and a whole new DFI module pack coils+ plate, new leads,new spark plugs. Fuel pump has been tested and is fine altnator os fine also and the starter motor is fine also. Ive...
  7. C

    Is there a way to test the DFI Module?

    Can you test a DFI module? I know you can test your leads and ignition coils wth a multimetre, can some simliar process be applied to the DFI module. Thanks, Alex Short
  8. C

    1996 VS Commodore V6 Misfire?

    Hey guys, On occasion my VS seems to lose like 300-400 rev then recovers again. Its almost as if its going to stall but then recovers. Happens whenever, like can happen when im driving or just sitting idling. Sometimes happens multiple times in a trip or only once. Nothing seems to trigger it...
  9. W

    HELP Broken Down for Christmas VN6 S1 stalling

    My motor runs rich and soots up the (new and previous) plugs almost immediately. The car starts cold, and stalls after one block. This came on after some recent work; Just before the problem, I had my exhaust sytem replaced, some new bits some 2nd hand. Could an exhaust system problem...