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  1. L

    VE series 2 cluster wiring help

    Hi all, im just putting in an aftermarket tacho/rpm meter in and wondering what wire I take from the dash for the gauge. There's 13 wires that come into the dash cluster. TIA VE SERIES 2 2012 SV6 UTE. Couldn't find a diagram online
  2. xev_

    2001 VX Berlina - Engine Bay (Digital) Fuse Diagram for everyone

    Hey all! So my own original Fuse/Relay Diagram has practically perished so I took it upon myself to recreate it 1:1 in Photoshop and here's the result. I figured I'd share it with everyone else whom might find it handy. ;) (Dimensions to print 12.5cm x 4.5cm with 300ppi (75% Scaling was used...
  3. A

    IAT Sensor wiring colours/diagram

    I'm doing a LS1 conversion into a VL and am almost done. I've just realised I've cut the MAF/IAT wiring out without realising I need it. It's overfuelling, fouling plugs and running progressively worse the longer it runs/hotter it gets. After realising it's absolutely necessary to have a IAT...
  4. dashdown98

    VP Commodore Relays?

    Hi guys, just need some info on the relay box under the hood of my VP V6. The dodgy old bloke who had it before me decided to absolutely annihilate all the electrics. Pretty much nothing worked when I got it but things are slowly starting to fire up. I went to pick up a new bumper and the bloke...

    vp v8 body loom pinout

    Chasing a decent wiring diagram or pinout of the 2 plugs 1 grey 8? Pin and 1 black 6 pin plug near the fuse box in the engine bay. And the plug near the ecm that connects the engine loom to the body loom.
  6. Nemesis04

    VR 94 Acclaim L1 Cluster Pinouts/Info needed...

    Hi All, Am after the wiring diagram on the Level 1 Cluster, if anyone has it that would be awesome! If possible the wiring diagram for the BCM aswell, mainly pin outs and what controls what... Also, does anyone have any specifications on how the needles are controlled? whether its pulse...
  7. E

    Engine Bay Diagram for SL/E 4.2 V8???

    Hi Has anyone got a diagram for this engine bay? Just doing a bit of work changing the thermostat and want to check the temp sensor and stuff but have no idea where to look. (I know i sound a bit dumb with my posts but all my cars over the last 10 years have been new, and therefore havent...