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  1. J

    Pulled off my aircon heater hot/cold selector dial - now doesn't work

    Hi All, I have a VS2 97 Exec. I did a stupid thing and instead of referring here I went to install stereo by ear... thought how hard can it be, have done it in other cars before easily. Essentially what I did is actually pull of the dial that selects warm and cold (then the little spindle...
  2. 9

    vt VDO dash dial

    hi everyone ive got a vt and i just brought a VDO dash dial face i know the instument cluster has to come out but what im not sure on is there is a plate sitting on top of the speedo{thin line of plastic going inbetween the temp and the speedo section between the fuel and the revs and all around...
  3. R

    AC/Heater mode dial not working?

    Hi guys, I have had my VT Wagon for about a month and so far everything has been good until now. I just took it away for the weekend 3 hours drive away from home. Everything was fine on the way and I did not use the car for the two days until I hopped in to go home. It was a really hot day...