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  1. S

    Problems with my VT! It's sending me INSANE!!!!

    so i bought a VT about 2weeks ago and it had a really bad miss, so i replaced the spark plugs and leads and it got alot better but when i try going around a corner or going around a round about and give it some gas, it shutters and sometimes dies then i let go of the throttle and it comes back...
  2. B

    VS ute randomly splutters and dies

    G'day, I have a '98 series 3 v6 vs ute. ive had it for about 3 months and from what the books say it has been well looked after. it has approx 172 000 ks on the clock and is in bloody good nick. there is one problem though that i was wondering if anyone has ever heard of anything similar...
  3. aussie 94 vr

    my vr stalls at lights and has troble running

    right Ive got a 94 VR SII it tends to stall at the lights, when putting the brake on and when sitting in drivethough's and places like that. and its giveing me the s**** in drivethoughs and places like that the revs go down from 1000rpm to 900 or lower and it dose the same with the a/c on too...