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diff gears

  1. Robert Dawson

    Noisy trutrac differential

    Hi, this is my first post. I have recently bought a 2009 VE SS. It has had a truetrac differential with 4:11 gears fitted in 2016. It is noisy especially at about 80kmh. Can anyone give me some advice as to what I can do. I am new to Commodores. Cheers, Robert
  2. J

    Ve ss AUTO diff gear swap

    Hi guys I'm finding it impossible to get info on changing AUTO ve ss diff gears? I really want to know what people are doing weather they are using the manual 3.45 or are they going to 3.9s and with what issues or rpm at 100ks Cheers
  3. V

    Vy v6 manual diff gears/ratio

    Sure it's been asked before but what is best diff gears in LSD for vy 5 speed v6 thinking either 4:11's or 3:09's after low down speed but don't want it revving off tits on highway 110-130 cheers
  4. Manual Calais

    vn s1 new diff gears, no calibration, rev limiter change

    Hi guys, I reccently got a lsd put in my vn manual v6 s1, at the same time i got the diff gears changed from 3.08 to 3.45. Ever since i got this done my car has not been going as well. For example, i used to beat my mates manual vs by a car length, now we are even, my mates auto vy same deal. i...
  5. S

    diff gears!!

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows the best place to get diff gears changed from the usuall 3.08s to 3.7s cheers
  6. Defected

    [VIC] Wrecking VN series1 v6 3.45 LSD

    ITEM: Series 1 v6 Commodore LOCATION: Croydon Nth, Victoria 3136 CONDITION:Used PRICE: Open for offers on parts DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: Email [email protected] or post here OTHER INFO: Hail damaged body, passenger side doors are...
  7. damankerrison09

    [SA] 3.7 Diff Gears

    ITEM: 1x Set of 3.7 Diff Gears Removed from R31 Manual LOCATION: SA/ Northern Suburbs CONDITION: Used PRICE: $250 Posted to anywhere in Aus DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Can do pickup or post PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer CONTACT DETAILS: Text or Call...
  8. Jonno

    [VIC] 4.11 gears for borgwarner.

    Item: borgwarner 4.11 diff gears Location: South eastern vic.. Condition: great Price: offers.. like 200ish Postage: for extra yeah.. Description: used 4.11 gears great condition no chips or anything.. will fit ford, nissan, holden.. inbox me the car u wanna put em on and ill tell...
  9. iaydemir

    [VIC] Borg Warner diff gears, 3.23, 3.45, 3.9, 4.11

    ITEM: Borg Warner diff gears, 3.23, 3.45, 3.9, 4.11 LOCATION: Victoria CONDITION: Used PRICE: 3.23 $120, 3.45 $150, 3.9 $190, 4.11 $210 ONO DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: pick up or can post PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit CONTACT DETAILS: Email, PM OTHER INFO: Guys im helping to...
  10. S

    Diff Gear for VE

    ive got a VE SSV 6 speed auto and in the next few weeks im getting full exhaust system with OTR and a dyno tune and want to do a shift kit and diff gears but i am unsure of what gears to get i was thinking 3.7s.....does this sound right? (the car is a daily driver)
  11. Niggadore

    [VIC] Fresh fully reconditioned IRS Diff, 3.89 ratio, spooled. Suit all IRS models until VX

    ITEM: Reconditioned IRS diff to suit All IRS commodores up until VX, 3.89 gear ratio, minispooled. oil included. Bought this diff off of ebay, from the bloke that used to own sunshine differentials, A VERY VERY good diff builder, paid $680 delivered, i put it into my rolling shell VQ but alas...
  12. old mate

    diff gears but keep top end speed... v6 getrag

    g'day g'day, as i am planning to take the ute to the racetrack for some legal fun, i know its underpowered and underbraked but its the only was to have some fun and not go to jail these days, i've decided that before i go, a diff gear swap is in order, along with an lsd centre or mini spool...
  13. Wagon_Wheel

    How to: Source your own diff gears and remove them yourself

    Ok guys, as changing the diff gears in your car is one of the best ways to increase acceleration, and is a very common thing to do, I thought I would do a bit of a write up for the people that would rather source the different gear ratio’s themselves, rather than just buy them off eBay or brand...
  14. kniever

    91 5ltr vn calais

    91 5ltr vn calais (now manual) Name: Ben Model: 91' S2 VN Calais Colour: alpine white over silver Bodykit: none Engine Type: 5.0ltr V8 Engine Mods: cai with high flow top,lukey hi-flo air filter,70mm throttle body, 10mm leads, msd coil, twin au thermo's, and a couple other bits and pieces...