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diff problems

  1. R

    VY Wagon Diff Problems

    I need help.. I have a VY wagon (6 cylinder), I went through my first diff (single pepper) around June last year, I put in a VY LSD (for a 6) diff centre, then I bought kymo tyres, the LSD is on the way out, and I do not under-stand why diff's do not last long with me, I DO NOT do burn outs nor...
  2. magoo

    replacement diff for manual vu

    Hi people, i got serious diff chatter problem and i am looking for a non standard lsd or somthing else to replace it with...? maybe mini spool ? thanx
  3. V

    VY SS ll 3.46 Diff making whinning noises???

    Hey People, I have a VY SS Series 2 6 Speed 5.7Litre with 3.46 Ratio. The Diff whines once moving sounding like a plane taking off as my mates put it (electric motor kinda sounding noise). it becomes louder under deceleration and basically the faster i go the louder it gets. My question is...
  4. V

    VZ ss need help!

    First thing i ent to race my car and as i was going to do a brake job the wheels didnt spin and it just shuddered wat is it and how do i stop it? Second thing i wanna convert it to manual but my mate said it cant be done because the motor it programmed to auto, is that true? If it is possible...