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  1. J

    Diff housing

    Hey guys, I’m having talks about who and where to get my diff upgrade done, and to keep costs low on both the labour and parts the guy I’m likely to go through suggested sourcing my own new/better diff housing for its intended use and to prevent a housing blowout should I end up doing what I...
  2. Macca1993

    04 vy thud sound in back end

    Hey guys just wondering if someone could help me out with a problem I’m having. I have a 2004 vy commodore which I’ve just recently found out the diff is needed to be replaced and I think the right side drive shaft?After finally working out this problem I now have a new one. When coming to a...
  3. J

    Harrop TrueTrac LSD Rebuilds Adelaide

    Hi. mom looking at getting a 3.75 or 3.9 Harrop TrueTrac LSD conversion/rebuild on my 2014 Series 1 VF SS Commodore Sedan (auto), but I’m having a lot of trouble finding reputable places to facilitate this in Adelaide for any reasonable price. I know I can buy them off eBay, but all the...
  4. B

    VX Berlina V6 Auto Diff

    Hello all, I recently broke the spider gears in my diff (Most likely) and my mechanic said that it’s cheaper to find a new diff from a wreckers than to repair the gears.? So I was wondering exactly what diff is in the series 1 VX Berlina V6 Auto’s? On another note what is a stronger diff that...
  5. G

    Would a diff out of a 3.8 vt fit straight into a vy 3.8

    Wanting to buy a diff it’s just gonna get welded up but I’ve got a vy 3.8 and was wondering what models can I buy a diff out of and it will bolt straight up not. Don’t know much about cars so just looking for tips and advice
  6. W

    Vx commodore diff

    Fellas i got a m80 live on the vx and will be pulling diff out to spool it and been told that you have to align the diff in straight when you put it back and apparently it’s hard is this true or not ?
  7. S

    [VIC] V6 vs diff into v6 vy

    Hi all I know there would have been a post out there on this exactlythe same thing I'm just wondering I have a vs Ute and a vy the vy diff is going bad I think just want to know are the vs and vy diff the same could I use the vs diff in the vy
  8. L

    VZ One Tonner Diff HELP!

    Hi, ive got a v6 vz one tonner, im looking at putting an LSD and 3.9:1 gears in it but im having trouble finding anything about it or even getting a straight answer. My diff is old i assume as the sticker with the details has faded to white, and theres no information on/in the car about it. Ive...
  9. T

    Will a 3.27 Series 2 lsd replace 2.92 Series 1 lsd

    I'm in the market for a new diff for my 07 sv6 manual. I assume the only difference between the series 1 and 2 is the different ratio. I'm here to make sure I don't have any weird issues with coupling to the drive shaft ect. Cheers
  10. M

    VE diff change NEED help

    Hey guys I just changed the diff in VE SS manual, from 3.45 lsd to 3.7 LSD cause we though the diff was f**ked, anyway put it all together and put it down and there’s still no power to the wheels the tail shaft gearbox and clutch are all good and the diff I just put in only done 25,000k, when...
  11. M

    Welded diff, honest opinions, answers and installation instructions

    Hey guys, So I've recently put a welded diff into my vt calais and I will be answering a few questions that I see go around honestly, dont forget this is my opinion so it may be different to yours so go easy on me :) also, I bought the diff instead of welding mine because mine was buggered from...
  12. Will1996

    VF SS rear end noise

    I have a series 1 Vf SS. its pushing 315rwkw, Its a stock diff and stock drive train. I recently noticed a noise and shake coming from the rear end of the ute when I would aggressively accelerate, I can feel it through the whole car as its very excessive and is getting worse. It does only do it...
  13. S

    Need tune after diff ratio change

    Hey guys, Ive recently changed the diff ratio in my vx commodore (ls1) from the standard 3.08 to 3.73, so now my speedos out by 18 percent or so and the shift points aren't right. Just wondering if anyone here could suggest a good place to get the speedo sensor ratio retuned to suit the new...
  14. I

    3.45 Diff rebuild

    Hi, im on a budget and my diffs LSD has given up, im planning on rebuilding it with new clutch packs. Has anyone done this or know where to purchase these parts from? Thank you in advance
  15. Robbo77

    Unknown Issue causing shudder and vibration

    TL,DR shudder/vibration under car when it feels like it Clunk when driving off at times "Helicopter" sound from rear of car Mechanic reckons no loose or obvious wear from inspection Diff oil was low when he serviced it Sorry for the long post guys just wanted to get as much info in as possible...
  16. J

    Diff Clunking/Grinding AFTER Diff seal replacement?

    G'day to you all. I've recently purchased a 2003 WK Caprice with 233,000ks on the clock. Ran like a gem, no odd sounds. Took it to my local mechanic, good reliable guy, stated that the Diff Pinion Seal was leaking -and to get it sorted "sooner rather than later" The week after, I made the...
  17. holdencallous

    3.9 or 4.11 gears in an Auto 4spd?

    Hey guys, sorry to make a new thread but I cant find any straight information about the type of gears that would work in an 4spd Auto VY II Calais L37, can anyone give me any information about what gears I should purchase?, I'm trying to get a real pokey launch without sitting at 2300rpm at...
  18. A

    VE SS 3.45 diff problem

    Pretty certain it’s diff related but it only started happening yesterday, at low speeds a clunk in the rear occurs when turning sharp both left/right, when turning right up a hill it felt like both were about to lock up but just shuddered. No whine or anything driving or any clunks 20kmh+ Drives...
  19. M

    Vibrating diff?

    Hey guys, a few days ago i noticed my 2004 vz wagon has a bit of a vibrating/shaking when under load or at about 4000+rpm that feels like its coming from the rear of the car, I thightend my tans mount to the factory torque setting and the shaking from the rear seems a bit worse now, any ideas?
  20. C

    VF Driveline issues

    Hey everyone... ive been reading for awhile never actually posted or started a thread... My vf ssv manual has been making some harsh clunking noise which sounds to be coming from the diff... its around the 330rwkw mark has Detroit locker and all fresh diff rebuild 12 months ago (broken 3 rh...
  21. SuckSqueezeBangBlow

    Diff oil replacement

    hey guys, I bought 3 bottles of GM#92184900 diff oil from my local dealer as the Castrol website said it would take 2.3L, but the diff only took 1.3L. Is this normal!?? edit: i have 15k on my car and the fluid was fair grey, with a light metallic (but could just be carbon from the clutches)...
  22. N

    [LS1] VY SS UTE Diff modifications for burnouts

    Hi all, I have a VY SS ute which I'm turning into a skidpig :D whats the best option on locking the diff ? I've seen the diff spools online but not sure if they work with LSD ? Id get the welder out but she's no banjo o_O
  23. J

    diff questions.

    Hey guys. Just bought a WK Statesman. Diff is stuffed (clunks at low speed, 5-10km/h) , what diffs will fit? Are the VY ute diffs the same? Are any VT-VY sedan diffs able to fit? Any difference between the V6 and V8 diffs? I can get a VX V6 Calais diff for $50. I can get a VY SS ute diff for...
  24. J

    How to spool diff vx

    This is a burnout car I have read most of the hate about spools I just want to know if theres a video or how to do it or if someone could run me step by step through it. I have the diff out of the car because I put lsd in it but I burnt that out so Im spooling the open center to put back in. I...
  25. S

    Rubbing noise

    I bought my 04 vy commodore two weeks ago and I have stupidly spun the wheels last night and now there is a rubbing noise that is intermittent and sounds like the tyre rubbing and it is concerning me I have had a couple of people tell me it may be the diff gone any thoughts
  26. Miickyy

    Vx ss diff swap

    Hey guys this is the first time I've done a diff swap in a Vx. I have a 2001 Vx ss auto, I just found myself a 2002 manual Vx ss series 2. . I want to put the manual diff in it. Other than the diff it's self do I need anything else. Or is it a straight swap..
  27. V

    Sv6 diff

    Howdy, all. Recently I've been experiencing some issues with my diff on my 2005 VZ SV6 commodore (stock 2.87:1 ratio) it's been clunking, whining,and well...just been a general pain in the ass. I have decided that I want to buy a good second hand diff but I have found doing so to be difficult...
  28. S

    axle tramp

    Hey guys just did a bit of researching around on here for info regarding stopping axle tramp. I found this from superpro: Holden VE Commodore & HSV SuperPro Heavy Duty Rear Trailing Arms Stop Axle Tramp Just after any opinions and if people have tried this before. thanks
  29. V

    [VIC] Differential identifying help

    Hi guys I have a vz and a while ago I upgraded to a new diff. Now these blokes did not mention to me whether it was an m78 they were giving to me or m80 that was a fully rebuilt lsd diff. Now I got a truetrac which I want to get installed but am not sure if mine is an m80 I've done a...
  30. B

    diff change

    hey guys just wanted to find out if i can swap a one wheel peeler to a lsd and how ive got a vs 1997 v6 live axel thanks
  31. Aaronthestig

    Vy2 lsd clunk

    Hey guys i have been having trouble with my LSD only spinning one wheel and was advised that i should change the diff oil, so 2days ago i replaced the diff oil with Red Line Heavy ShockProof oil as recommended to me (Red Line Synthetic Oil - Gear Oil for Differentials - Heavy ShockProof®) & now...
  32. Mattde

    [NSW] WTB VZ DIFF. Preferably 3.46:1

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy / Trade ITEM: Looking for a 3.46:1 Diff to suit my VZ Alloytec. OR something similar ratio. LOCATION: NSW Milperra (2214) CONDITION: Used but in good cond. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup only. Ideally within 30-ish-km. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash. Or...
  33. V

    Vy v6 manual diff gears/ratio

    Sure it's been asked before but what is best diff gears in LSD for vy 5 speed v6 thinking either 4:11's or 3:09's after low down speed but don't want it revving off tits on highway 110-130 cheers
  34. D

    vu ss ute transmission problem help!!

    Well basically my Ute has started to make a pretty noisy whine sounds like from the diff or gearbox, it doesnt seem to make the noise while the clutch is in. Just wondering if anyone would have any ideas into whether it's a diff problem or gearbox problem???
  35. speed__demond

    304 help choosing a torque converter

    okay guys got a new engine goin in the stato, runs 10.5.1 comp with a 4761 crow cam and 3.45 dif gears cams supposed to peak between 2500/5500. they recommend using 3.7 diff but its an auto and with the 3.45 it revs decently high on freeway as it is. that being said I have got another 3.7...
  36. K

    3 bad sounds on my VX, have a listen, what are they?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can confirm what these noises are and what needs doing to remedy/repair? Car is a 2002 VX Series 2 Executive Auto. Cheers. Links changed. chatter.mp3 Happens when accelerating, only really noticeable in first gear. shudder.mp3 Happens when counter steering at...
  37. D

    I need a new diff can someone help!!!

    Hey guys, ive just donw the diff on my vu ss commodore ute just wondering if someone could help me decide what diff and gear ratio to put in to it??? Its a 6 speed manual im not to keen on having my speedo out how much roughly does it cost to have it adjusted?
  38. J

    wk caprice speedo out (changed diff) south australia

    Hi all, i have a 04 caprice 5.7L auto, have recently changed my diff from the standard 3.08 to 3.46. now my speedo is out and wondering if you know anyone in adelaide who can adjust it. alot of mechanics dont want to know about it or dont have a tech 2 computer, and i cant justify paying...
  39. femno

    [VIC] VS Auto Commodore Borg Warner LSD Live Axle Assembly Reconditioned SWAP VIC ONLY

    Hi guys, Im selling my VS V6 Ute but without the LSD, its Auto and fitted with a Borg Warner LSD. The Diff Assembly was rebuilt with the new LSD and new bearings about 5,000km ago. Since im selling the car I need a swap with someone elses Auto Live Axle diff assembly. So this is a sale...
  40. H

    hsv vz supercharged what diff gears

    Hey all, I'm about to install a harrop 1900 pd supercharger, I was wondering if anyone has ever run 3.9 gears with a supercharger. I just want to still be able to let the supercharger do its thing without being restricted by the diff gears but still have a lot of pick up. Whats your...