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  1. M

    Spare Tyre Difference

    As I went outside for a cigarette I noticed the front passenger tyre on the VT Wagon was flat. However the tyres on the car are 215/60R15 and the spare is 205/65R15. So I was wounding if it's okay to place a different size tyre to the others on the car, I drive a lot during the day for work so...
  2. V

    Diff Gone in VE SS V, Can anyone recommend a good aftermarket one?

    My diff is gone in my ve ssv commodore, I'm looking to get a new aftermarket one, any recommendations? cheers
  3. K

    VS S PACK - What's the Difference

    I have purchased a 1996 Holden Commodore SERIES II. it has alloy 15' as well as the red stripe and it has a sticker on both sides on the rear door that says 'Sports' i am not familiar enough with the commodore to know what is standard and what is 'Sports' as far as i know my S pack is bone...
  4. B

    Difference between VZ 05 model and VZ MY06?

    Could someone please tell me the difference between the VZ 05 and MY06 Model? It said on Wikipedia there is a difference in the engine power. But when i search them up on carsales, i dont find any difference in the cares. Can anyone please help?