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direct injection

  1. koankoan

    Injector clips to fuel rail - need advise 09 VE SIDI

    Hi everyone, I have 6 new fuel injectors (bosch/hitachi style like picture below), and am having touble getting the clips that connect the injectors to the fuel rail. The car's a 2009 VE Omega SIDI 3.0L If you know what I'm talking about, it's the 2 part clips, one crescent shaped one fits...
  2. B

    Ve sv6

    For anyone interested in the direct injected SV6 - I've had my SIDI sportswagon for a month now and with 2250km on it I took it to the creek last Wednesday, 25/11/09 to see what they really do and give myself a base to compare too. It pulled consistent 15.3 seconds at 149km/h in full auto...