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  1. A

    VY SS Torque settings (brake calipers)

    Hi, I'm about to replace my rotors and pads on my '03 VY SS Ute and have been trying to find the nut/screw torque settings for the calipers, I'm only doing the rears but i'd love the front settings as well for future reference. Could someone please help me out, Would be greatly appreciated...
  2. Jimmy_d_jr

    stcok headunit "check disc" error

    Hi again guys, just wondering if any of you could ahead some light on this This is the guide I followed when I did the aux input GTO Hard Wire Tutorial and from what I can tell before the radio throws the disc error I can hear music from my iPod :-) but now theres the check disc error and I'm...
  3. N

    [VIC] Wtb vl disc rear end

    DESCRIPTION: Want To buy ITEM: hey guys & gals, im after a disc rear end for a VL, can do without diff centre but must have everything else, and please no rusted out useless pieces must be minimum good condition LOCATION: im located in bacchus marsh, (west) VIC, but will travel...
  4. calais24/7

    Rear brakes

    Hey i did a quick search and couldnt find anything on this.. i was wondering how hard it would be to put disc brakes on the back of my SL which didnt come with them. will the vl turbo ( at least i think the turbo's had them?) dics fit straight on without much modification. anyone done this...