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  1. Kiwifolk

    Obd2 trip computer

    Hey guys Does anyone know or has anyone tried to have a trip computer (distance travelled since reset) via the OBD2? I'm officialling at a rally and want to make it easy for the co driver to see the distance we're into the stage (this isn't essential but would be nice) without having to buy a...
  2. C

    *HELP* VY gear selector display wont change

    Hey there guys! My VY Calais changes gear fine, but the dash display for gear selection doesn't change with the stick. eg I'll put it in "R" shift it to "P" and diplay still says "R", same when i change from "3" to "2" it displays "3". Any ideas whats wrong?
  3. L

    Sic radio display blank....need help:( sv6 o6

    Hey Guys, First time long time. 2 days ago started car normally..... RADIO DISPLAY SIC information was totally blank. Every day since still the same. This has happened before once where all I had to do was turn off/turn on to fix the issue. In this case it was a no go.. about a Month ago I...
  4. M

    VT - Trip meter/odo have disappeared from MODE display

    Hi all Just had my VT serviced today and noticed when I drove it away that my trip meter and odo were missing from the display (usually odo, trip, dist to empty, overspeed when you press MODE). Trip meter is handy to have! I did the 'hidden' features with mode+right button as I turned on...
  5. H4Z4RD

    Blacking out IQ Screen

    Hey Guys, I've done a bit of searching on here about how to turn off the IQ display, just thought it would be handy for driving late at night etc. Well I couldn't find it on here, but had my Commo in for a service today & the tech showed me how to do it. Dead easy. For those of you who don't...
  6. H

    vt trip computer switches

    My VT Berlina trip computer switches seem to have died. The left button no longer works and I can't reset it for trips or (and this is the annoying one...) I can't set the speed alert to more than 110 so it constantly beeps at me as I float around 110ks on the highway to work everday. HOW DO I...