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  1. Y

    VT Passenger side door won't fully unlock

    As per title my front passenger side door isn't fully unlocking. All other doors unlock/lock fine with the remote however this door lock gets about halfway up and stays there. I've taken off the pin and tried to pull the metal piece manually however still having no luck. Has anyone had any...
  2. D

    rear door lock clips - where to find, and what size

    since i bought it 7 month ago, the central locking in my wh works fine, apart from the rear right door. Actuator sounds good, so i pulled the door card off to find that the control arm that runs the lock/unlock to the door lock itself is just missing the top plastic clip that connects it to the...
  3. E

    [QLD] Ve Door replacement

    Hi there. When replacing a VE drivers side door. Will i need to get a whole new key or can I somehow reprogram my current car key?
  4. B

    Door unlocking issues - cannot manually unlock door

    Hey guys, I recently purchased a VE commodore, and have no issues getting in and out of the vehicle using the buttons on the remote. When, however I go to unlock the door with the physical key, nothing happens. I can turn it clockwise and counterclockwise, however the actual lock on the door...
  5. J

    Help putting SV6 door on my Evoke.

    I upgraded from my 2014 VF to 2015 with lower kms. The rear driver side door had a few dings, and I accepted that I'd have to repair that somehow. My new car is an Evoke model. I found a wrecked SV6 with the door that I need, in exact colour of my car. I've installed the door, but after...
  6. D

    Inside door handle wont lock

    Just recently installed some new speakers in the driver and passenger doors, passenger went smoothly but upon re attaching the drivers side door trim I discovered the little button above the inside door handle wont fully move to the lock position. The door itself does lock both remotely and...
  7. T

    Ve passenger door problem!

    HELP! I have a VE Maloo 2009, today i closed the passenger door but i musnt have closed it properly so when i locked it, the car beeped at me, i closed it properly then locked again, no i cant unlock from either side of the door.. How do i open?
  8. A

    Car Install Problems... Help...

    Hey guys, I have just had my car system installed (4 door speakers, amp and sub) in my LPG VE commodore but now there seems to be a few problems. They told me about the first problem when I rocked up that being as they said the car makes 5 horn noises when locked. After further investigation I...
  9. R

    VT Calais front passenger side door does not open from the outside

    Hi, I have a 98 VT Calais which on the front passenger side opens from the inside okay but does not open from the outside. I've had a look at some videos and instructions on how to remove the door trim which I will have a go at tonight to see if I can figure out what is wrong. But I...
  10. M

    VZ door will not unlock or open

    Hi all, I have tried to find an answer elsewhere without luck. I have a 2005 VZ Commodore Acclaim. In recent times I have had a problem with the lock on the rear passenger side door. The first time the issue happened, I locked the car and the alarm went off. The reason for this was that...
  11. 2

    VT sedan squeaky door trims and frames

    Hi guys! For months my 1998 VT sedan's door trims have been squeaking and making a rubbing sound whilst the window is all the way up, and I am getting to the point where I just can't stand it! Done some light research and people say it's the felt around the door frames that make noise. have...
  12. D

    Interior door lock buttons?

    Hi all, Was just wondering how I'd go about installing buttons in the centre console to lock and unlock the doors in a VZ Berlina sedan. I know pressing either of the front locks down will lock all doors and pulling any lock up will unlock all doors but I just want the feel of pressing buttons...
  13. C

    Outside window belts

    I currently own a 2004 vz executive and the outside window door belts on the driver and passenger door are faded and not shinny any more. Am I able to just remove them and spray paint them, if so how do I remove them? And what colour black (satin, gloss, etc) ? And should I give them a light...
  14. Iman

    [General] Removing door bumper strips

    I've never had an interest to do it my self until I had an accident with my Toyota Lexcen and salvaged the doors/tinted windows off it. I then saw that the bumper strips were in different positions and it looked kind of whacked. I've looked around the forums on tutorials about how to remove...
  15. B

    CD Player won't turn off when door is opened

    My CD player usually switches off as soon as i open the door but recently it will stay on, so i close the door and then reopen it a couple of times till it turns off. I've looked around for some sort of switch that lets the car know when the door is open or closed but i can't see anything...
  16. T


    hey lads, ive got a vt calais and it was in a prang so i brought a new front door. therefor the key lock is different. the motor is blown up and the battery is dead, i need to get into the car so i can get it towed. they key will not unlock and the key wont open the door manuelly. but i can...
  17. D

    Broken door lock and antenna motor.

    Hi all, when I press unlock, the drivers door lock stays in the locked position but the door unlocks. I had a look, and the little thing that bobs up and down is just freely sitting there. I pulled it out and there's a metal rod with a thread on it. It seems weird to me because it isn't long...
  18. L

    Can It Still Be The Actulator On My VZ SV6

    :help: Can It Still Be The Actulator On My VZ SV6 :help: the passanger door lock will work when sitting in the car with all doors shut and pressing the nob down manualy, all doors will lock and unlock with no problems :unsure:BUT when pressing the button on the remote the alarm go's off and...
  19. L

    can it still be

    :help:Can It Still Be The Actulator On My VZ SV6:help: the passanger door lock will work when sitting in the car with all doors shut and pressing the nob down manualy, all doors will lock and unlock with no problems :unsure:BUT when pressing the button on the remote the alarm go's off and when...
  20. M

    [QLD] Wanted VE series 2 Ute leather Door trims

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: VE Series 2 Ute leather door trims LOCATION: Queensland CONDITION: either used or new DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I will pay postage (freight) or pick items up PAYMENT OPTIONS: bank deposit CONTACT DETAILS: Please PM me OTHER INFO: must be...
  21. P

    Fill in mould for door trims

    I want to fill in the mould that holds the door trims on, so its just flat. Should I use bog or would I require heeps to do that. Let me how I should do it since I'm repainting my car soon. Thanks :)
  22. topdzl

    Door locked and won't open

    I need some creativity here :hit: one of the rear doors is jammed, the door lock button as well stuck, i tried to lift it so I'd be able to open the door, I did manage to open the door but did not have time to figure out how to solve this, I remove the inner door cover, and hopefully be able to...
  23. Eath4306

    Calais door mirrors not working

    Ever since I bought the car the electronics in the mirrors haven't worked. The bloke who sold it to be said it was a fuse but I've had a look at the fuse box and the fuse was fine. Anyone else had any problems with them?
  24. D

    VE Speaker Basic Upgrade...

    Hi all, just a quick question i couldnt find by searching,, its probibly too obvious... The VE (and probibly earlier models too) how is the tweeter / mid front speaker setup accomplished by factory?, is there a passive x-over? (simple capacitor / inductor setup or what?), what i am asking is...
  25. R

    WM door locks blowing fuses

    I've got a '07 WM and its blowing fuses when you lock the doors (could be unlock as well). I've tried swapping over the unlock and lock relays so I assume it must be one of the actuators thats died. does anyone know a way to test the actuators to see which one has died? or have any other ideas?
  26. VjamesY

    Replacing VY doors

    Ok Im replacing some of my doors and I just had a few question: -How exactly do you remove the door hinge pins? I kind of understand how to do it but just looking for some extra tips. -How should I go about inserting my original door lock/handle in the new replacement? with this Ive for...
  27. newvsowner

    [VIC] VS Acclaim I Passenger Door

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: i am after a lotus blue frost, or vs acclaim I passenger door. LOCATION: Melbourne, Victoria CONDITION: used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: postage or pick up PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: I had an accident and went to...
  28. topdzl

    VT door inner seal/belt

    where can i buy new vt door rubber seal/belt online? i looked around but i couldn't find any. your help would be appreciated :beer chug:
  29. xxNoblexx

    passenger door lock is rooted, HELP PLEASE

    hi all, been a while since ive been on here, anyway ive got a slight problem. the passenger door wont unlock on my car, and as it has been locked and safe while i have been at work, it has not bothered me, until some of my mates were forced to enter dukes of hazard style. the car is a ute so...
  30. V

    rubber door seals

    does anyone wat glue or adhesive to use when puttin new door seals on a vs
  31. blindworld1

    new lock and keys

    Helllooo (: I was wondering, well I accidentally put my key in the hole and like turned it right yeah? and it like deadlocked and then I couldn't turn it back and was like OMG you know? Well anywayz I took like the whole lock out and also my ignition lock thingy like the one that you put...
  32. B

    door handle not working

    My VX dirvers door is not opening when unlocked with remote. Will unlock when key is used. Looks like the door is not popping up enough when used with remote. Any idea's on what needs to be done?
  33. M

    interior lights not working when door is opened

    hi there, i was recently installing neons in my foot wells, i wanted them to come on everytime i opened the door, so i was connecting them to the ignition key light and accidently short cicuited the the main wires for the ignition light, now the interior lights wont come on when the door is...
  34. MattyC

    Door lock Jam's

    Hey guys, I have a series II VT S 1999 and when i unlock the doors with the remote the front left door unlocks but it wont open because i have to still flick it up like 2mm's for it to fully unlock. Does anyone know how I can fix it - this has only happened from yesterday night. Cheers.
  35. dylanfh

    WTB:VR/VS Red S Pac or SS door moulds.

    In search for a good complete set of red SS Or S-pac door moulds,must be in sydney for pick up.Please PM me if you have any.