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  1. J

    FFS! Tboned in my 08 ve, driver side roof and seat airbags deployed.uninsured,at fault, still owe $

    Im in a bad situation. Uninsured, at fault and still owe about 8k on the finance, airbags deployed driver side roof and drivers seat. Need new doors. Im in 2 minds about what to do. Ive ultimately gotta fix the thing if im still paying for it off otherwise iv got a car I cant sell once its paid...
  2. B

    Installing electric windows in a '97 VT

    Hey guys.. Im over having window winders! they suck! im wanting to put electric windows in and have a general idea of how to do it.. ive read a few posts on here and seen that it makes it easier if you have a plug in your console, i take apart my dash quite aot and when i do i see a plug with...
  3. BigBoss

    How to adjust doors?

    Hey All Does anyone know how to adjust the doors on the VE? My passenger door has always been stiff to open, I have come to the conclusion that I need to lift it a little anyone know how? Cheers
  4. VjamesY

    [NSW] Quick Sale. (VY parts) King springs 'SL' front/rear, 2100kg tow bar, 4 doors

    Hoping to get rid of these items by the end of the week, prices are negotiable. LOCATION: Sydney (Hills Area) DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pickup PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: message me first on 0402843575 ITEM: VY King springs KHFL-47SL front springs & KHRL-46HD rear springs...
  5. C

    Vs door problems

    this is hard to explain. the doors on my commy dont lock into position when there opened. depending on the angle im on they usually click at the first point then keep going till they're wide open and the slightest bit of wind will usually force the doors to close or open. there seems to be...
  6. stevebutler

    power window issue

    I have an annoying problem with the power windows. They work fine, but sqeak in their rubbers when fully up while driving over bumps, turning corners, etc, for a long while i thought it was the doors rubbing. They also rattle in the doors when down. Im trying to work out if its the window...