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double din

  1. J

    VZ Well any double din radio fit?

    I'm looking at getting a pioneer AVH-2300NEX in my 2005 VZ but I can't find a straight answer if it well or well not fit so I was wondering if anyone knows?
  2. A

    Toyota 120 Prado head unit into VZ?

    So I'm looking to upgrade the head unit in my VZ SV6. My father recently upgraded the head unit in his 120 Prado so he now has a factory 120 Prado double din head unit lying around. Does anyone know if it'll work in my VZ? I know I'd need to get a fascia, adapters, etc.
  3. T

    7 inch head unit with GPRS

    Hey there all. Recently brought a double din head unit and was wondering where to connect the GPRS unit. The unit has the cord out the back of it and I was thinking of putting it somewhere inside the dash so I don't have cords and a random receiver sitting somewhere in site. The GPRS...
  4. S

    Fitting Nexus 7 Tablet as a head unit

    Considering fitting a Nexus 7 Tablet into my VT Calais as a replacement for the stock double DIN head unit. Does anyone have any idea roughly how much effort this would involve/how much it would cost? Or is there anyone who has done the same or similar that could point me in the right direction...
  5. W

    WL Statesman headunit replacement - good, factory-looking double din?

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for a matt black OEM CLEAN looking double din stereo with nav, and a USB for a 2005 WL Statesman. So far I've looked at the: Kenwood ddx-419 Dynavin products (my favourite looking, all bad reviews, though.) I use an iPhone. Minus $1000 for the unit...
  6. GIJoel

    Aftermarket head unit for VT

    So I'm looking to replace the stock head unit in my VT. Don't like it as it has no AUX input or iPhone connectivity, resorting to the few CD's I have isn't a fun experience since they skip whenever I pull less g than a wall and I'm not old enough to own cassettes. :rofl2: - Top priority is...
  7. R

    Double Din Stereo in a VS commodore

    Hey All, Can anyone tell me how to install a double din stereo in to a holden VS! Ive seen them installed but i dont know how they did it! Can anyone help??
  8. T

    VZ Head Deck Replacement

    I just invested in a new car, a 2004 VZ Berlina. I wanna change the head deck, and I found a suitable JVC double din head deck. I heard from a friend that a spacer may be needed to fit even a double din deck. Hence, I searched here and have found no mention of needing a spacer. Is this...
  9. A

    VY - Steering wheel controls - Cheap China double din DVD head unit.

    Don’t know if this has been covered but I’m not getting any love out of the search results. I have a VY S pack and I’m installing a cheap double din head unit from china and it says that it can be connected to the steering wheel controls of any car, as long as it runs on a 5V system. Does...