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  1. Adrian's Vr

    VR V6 verses VE V6

    Im gonna start a fued. What is actually faster, A VR v6 or a VE v6 (3L and 3.6L)?
  2. 355vscommy

    355 VS Ute going to red centre nats

    Hi guys I’m taking my 500hp+ vs 355 manual Ute to red centre nats this year plan on doing the burnout comp and drags aswell as the usual cruising ect I’m looking at getting some drag radials for it what should I be looking for and what size fits I have 245/40r19s on atm and they fit fine not...
  3. H

    VE SS Bolt on Drag Times

    Hi, i have a VE SS and have all bolt ons i.e exhaust, headers, ls3 cam with conical valvesprings otr, 3.9 gears, tune, 2200 stall and runs on stock 19s with various tires. Made 283rwkw with conservative timing. I have run a best of 12.89 @ 107, with a wiggle in 2nd my best mph has been at 109...

    VF2 LS3 Ute vs Sedan 0-100, 0-400m, drags etc

    Hey Guys, Wondering if anyone has any info or stories comparing the utes vs sedans for straight line acceleration? I have the 17' ssv redline ute and was just curious if anyone knows how they stack up against a sedan.. i assume being a bit lighter the ute would have a slight edge... glad of...
  5. Pos

    304 How good is this for my VR ute?

    Hi all, just ran Rnd 6 Of the Sydney Dragway track championship series & I have to say even though I only made it to the semi's it was weekend of PB's. 15.07 was my previous PB. Friday night Q1 [email protected], Q3 [email protected], Q4 [email protected] & my semi final run was the best yet [email protected] All I...
  6. J

    [Buick] i have a rim problem

    hi all i have a vn commodore as a race car and some drags are coming up as a multi-club sprint and i want to enter just to muk around and i have a nice set of slicks i brough from a good friend(pro drag racer) lol and i was wondering do early model 13 inch rims fit vn commodore and if not where...
  7. shaunington

    My 2nd VL - Factory MF5 Exec

    Eucumbene Blue VL SL - Factory MF5 - Lowered, pedders sportsrider allround, chasers Hey all, I have a 1988 VL SL (see thread in sig) that I was planning on making a manual. But, the car is interstate, and there is going to be a lot of cost involved with shipping it down, finishing it off and...
  8. V

    Drag style wheels on a Commodore.

    Hey guys, im curious to whether anyone knows If/where i could get drag style wheels for my commodore. 15x6 or 7 for the fronts and 15x8 or 9s for the back. i see heaps of the older holdens with them eg. HQ's and such but i wanna ditch the 2 sets of 19s ive got the coppers keep hasling me and i...
  9. xXAussieXx

    [SA] Official Petition For a Race Circuit and Dragstrip for Adelaide

    hey guys, ok so basically i have have a facebook group for a Petition about a Race Circuit and Dragstrip for Adelaide as we all know it would be a big hit and who wouldn't go there seriously this is just to see if people are intrested in this if so i might then actually make a real petition...