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  1. S

    Lowering VU ute

    Hey guys, i didn’t know where to post this thread or how to use this website that much, but i had a quick question about how i would go about lowering my vu ute further than SSSL height springs, at the moment i have KYB lowered shocks, and king SSSL springs (rear only) i was wondering if there...
  2. C

    why has no one does this?

    so i've been digging around for a while as i wanted to see how viable a commodore would be for me to build (specifically drift but can apply to any other Motorsport) so i have 2 things to discuss. 1st of all why the f**k has no one does an r154/ay5/mau5 conversion when they bolt directly to a...
  3. O

    Leaky T56

    i have a T56 out of a Vz that has a leaking rear seal Rear seal has been replaced but it still leaks pretty bad! Does anybody know of any further secrets or mystery seals I should look at? The box did come out of a crashed vz Ute so I’m worried it might have some unseen damage? Everything else...
  4. B

    Vs ute drift suspension need answers

    Hey everyone I own a v6 5speed 95 vs ute and was trying to get into drifting and I was just wondering if anyone had any information on suspension set ups, it’s got enough power I was just more looking for the handling mods
  5. Z

    Just wondering

    Ive got myself a vs which i need to drop another motor in it im just going another 3.8 atm but in the process i want to turn it into a skid / drift car what are the best things i can do to make it go harder and more side ways for longer ?
  6. V

    HELP!! Vr drift car wiring

    Hey guys. Converting my vr to a drift car and need help with the wiring All i need to work is taillights (i know how to get the break lights & headlights to work but im unsure if its as easy as i think to get the dimmer tail lights) blinkers aftermarket taco aftermarket speedo
  7. BLOWN V8

    6.8lt VE SS Drift Ute v LS1 Skyline

    Hey guys, new to the forum. Just though I would share a Video from last weekend at Queensland Raceway. If your like me & love your V8 Commodore you'll get a kick out of this. A VE Ute chasing down a LS1 powered Skyline sideways at over 100kph. My son Nick "DriftKid" Coulson drives the VE Ute...
  8. J

    VR to a VS Ecotec V6

    Hey I have a VR and I really just dont like there motor in it its old and sounds like its on its way out soon (Getting Death Taps) so I was thinking of going VR to a VS Ecotec V6 what would I need to do for the switch I have the ECU, the Computer, Looms, the Airbox and all bolt-ons someone said...
  9. DontBeShy

    Does anybody no what the name of these rims are ??

    If any1 nows what there called please let me no thanx guys