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  1. B

    Vy commodore 3.8L ecotec

    Hey guys just got a quick question, iv'e noticed that my vy has trouble losing traction, I have a complete exhaust system, LSD with 3.4:1 ratio, and gmax 19" by 9" wheels and tyres, it has plenty of hour but even in the wet it grips up real quick. also when pulling handbrakes around corners it...
  2. BLOWN V8

    6.8lt VE SS Drift Ute v LS1 Skyline

    Hey guys, new to the forum. Just though I would share a Video from last weekend at Queensland Raceway. If your like me & love your V8 Commodore you'll get a kick out of this. A VE Ute chasing down a LS1 powered Skyline sideways at over 100kph. My son Nick "DriftKid" Coulson drives the VE Ute...
  3. djaa

    Can I fit Tie rod spacers to my VS for more lock

    I have some spacers made up for VS ute, but when I took the boot off the tie rod(drivers side,where pinion gear is) it didn't look like their would enough clearance on the rack to allow the extra 5mm (width of spacer) of extra lock. :bang: Could someone please tell me if there is enough...