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drive belt

  1. S

    Drive belt problems

    G'day ladys/gents I ordered a new belt for my 09 3.0L V6 Berlina they told me 7PK2555 will fit (repco and other websites also said the same thing) but when I went to put it in it's way to big anyone have similar problem and if so what belt do you know would fit cheers in advance team!
  2. I

    Timing Chain Gasket leaking & Front Struts repair

    Hi Everyone, I recently purchased a 2006 VE Berlina (Alloytec) private and got it serviced at a Holder dealership. During the service they noticed an oil leak (couple of drops overnight) and suggested to fix the timing chain gasket, quoted $1,600 for this job. The mechanics also noticed...
  3. VTL67Calais

    Cooling change aliminiump pipe through drive tensioner disconnected l67 help

    Hi new to joining but read and thanks for all the help with your posts! I have a Calais l67 1998 just over 200000 k and changed water pump both tensioner s and the pipe running through the drive belt Tensioner with t He washer in it had come of on my test drive after bleeding and filling the...
  4. L

    Annoying idling noise... NEED HELP PLEASE!!!! It is driving my head in!

    Hi, I put up a YouTube video to show what the problem is below. Please check it out and let me know. I have got a 13yo V6 VX Commodore with 103000kms. Recently a strange and annoying noise started from the front of the engine while it is idling. I am extremely sensitive to abnormal...
  5. feral_chick

    VS serpentine belt slipping

    okies here we go with some brief history, but the other week i was driving along our country road and supposedly hit a pot hole in the road (thou not 100% sure on that theory yet), not long after my steering became very very hard to turn, thinking i had a flat tyre i pulled over to check all...
  6. C

    Squeaking Drive Belt VS V6 commodore

    Ok so my engine belt is squeaking, now before you say replace the belt I have gone through three belts already, all doing the same thing. I thought the belt was slipping so I put some belt grip onto the pulleys, its only got worse. So I am guessing the belt is actually gripping too much because...
  7. Morton

    Changing water pump VN/VP/VR

    ----------------------------------------------------- NOTE 1: For heaven's sakes, I'm not a qualified mechanic - so assume that everything I'm about to tell you is bollocks. I have NO idea what I just did today, and I honestly have no idea whether it worked. For now, I'll just assume that the...