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  1. T

    Drive Shaft Center Constant Velocity Bearing/ Rubber replacement Short Life Why?

    My original Bearing and rubber lasted perhaps 150000 plus km. VS series 2 , 6 cylinder , auto , live / beam rear axle Had the mechanic replace it and all OK for a few thousand Kilometres. Then failed and fixed under warranty. Now the second replacement is failing. I can hear that the tail shaft...
  2. A

    V8 Adventra center tailshaft bearing

    Hey guys, i am wondering the right way about doing my center tailshaft bearing and the location of it. Never touched anything to do with the driveshaft so i am like a headless chook in this one cheers.
  3. IA148461

    Recommendations for Driveshaft Couplings.

    Hello. I need to replace the driveshaft couplings and centre bearing on my 2004 WK Statesman but I am not sure what to go with. Holden want $1315.00 to replace the whole driveshaft then $412 to fit it. I found a set (2 Couplings and centre bearing) made by Cozza for $96.00 online. Repco sell 1...
  4. Robbo77

    VF Commodore tailshaft replacement uni-joint

    G'day all. Vehicle: 2014 VF SV6 - LFX 6 speed auto Issue: buggered centre uni-joint causing shuddering etc. Location: Gold Coast/Northern Rivers Questions: -would anyone happen to be from around the general area and know of any or where to go for a good second hand tailshaft/installation...
  5. Commo_Carl


    So I figured I would post these here for you guys. There is not much info on this kind of thing from what I've seen. Most people's tailshafts would be getting well and truly up there in the age and mileage. Chances are that your shaft also needs a good refresher! Watch the videos below to see...
  6. Jerry Keat

    VT commodore V6 high speed vibration

    my 2000 Vt sedan has a high speed vibration. Most pronounced at 90-100 km/h. Pulls to the left despite recent front end alignment & tyre switch. Tyres are new. Recon tail shaft fitted last week. Any ideas? thanks for your help..
  7. tHe_sTiG

    Driveshaft problems anyone?

    I got my VZ back from service a couple of days ago. Straight out of the service center, the whole car was rumbling and vibrating at speeds of 60 - 80 kph. Noticed the tyres had been rotated, rotated them back again, reduced tyre pressure from the 40 they had set to 35. Less drama this time, but...
  8. Gilly91

    Replacing VS driveshaft centre bearing.

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to replace the bearing in the middle of the driveshaft on a VS commodore yourself? And if so, how? Thanks heaps.
  9. C

    VL Knocking

    Hi, I have a 1988 VL Vacationer 3.0L Automatic. It's rarely driven these days but when I jumped in it the other day to take it for a drive I noticed an odd knocking/thumping sound on occasion while accelerating. It definitely sounds as though it's coming from under the car, center or back...