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driving lights

  1. T

    VU Driving lights

    Hi i am trying to hook up driving lights on a Vu ute Using the plug and go kits available. I have hooked all up . But my driving lights do not come on when I hit the high beam. they will activate via the remote switch only. any help would be appreciated.
  2. K

    Driving Lights on VY Commodore

    Hi Guys Couple of questions 1) In reference to wiring diagram thats already in here is the switch between the two lights the normal hi beam switch or the switch that is used for legal compliance ? 2) the aluminium bars that can be purchased to mount headlights on . How are they attached...
  3. pow3rslave

    [VIC] FS VP/VP Foggies with mounting brackets and bezels.

    ITEM: Original, Genuine Foglights, with section of wiring loom, brackets to bolt to reo bar and bezels for the bumper. LOCATION: Vic, eastern subs of melbourn CONDITION: Used, great condition, no cracks etc. PRICE: $300 ono DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up only. PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD...