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dual fuel

  1. CatchUpNextTime

    What should i do here with me VT good people of just commos forums?

    Sorry just commos i posted this in showcase because i am an idiot and didn't read the new member instructions re new threads. I want to know what to do with this thing. It's not my daily although i take it to work now and again just to give it a run. I kinda need some cash but it owes me more...
  2. 0

    Heeeellp!! Newby VZ’er

    Hi All, I’m new on the VZ block and was hoping to get some help or pointed in right direction PLEEEAASEE???! So I brought my 2005 VZ Acclaim last week off a very shady appearing seller (lol!) car was cheap looked good condition n I needed a car ASAP so ignored my gut when it was telling me to...
  3. Z

    Radio LCD Display All Dials except Speedo not showing (ANSWERED)

    Hi I am a new VE owner, I just bought a VE omega dual fuel 2010 and after a restart the other day I got a check engine warning and the radio LCD wasn't working (buttons still work on radio and even touch screen) also all dials weren't working except the speedo and central LCD display for...
  4. F

    Depressurising system running lpg and petrol?

    So I need to replace the fuel filter on my vp commodore. I jacked up the car, removed the fuel pump relay from the fuse box and started Up the car, expecting the engine to stall in about 10 seconds. The car ran for over 10minutes without stalling?! Although I have been running the car...
  5. W

    VE Omega Ute - Dual fuel

    Hi, I'm new to this forum but thought this would be a good place to post - Apologies if a similar thread exists, I've had a decent search and couldn't find much.. I'm considering buying a second hand VE Omega Ute on dual fuel. Years 2008+ depending on price and k's on the odometer. I'm...
  6. S

    MY10 LPG Gas Gauge Rapid Beep

    Hi All Has any one an idea on the reason a factory fitted MY10 LPG Berlina would beep rapidly when out of gas? Usually she beeps slowly - once per second; however today she started beeping faster - 2 times per second. Still switches over to fuel with no issues and vice versa, and has...
  7. Loaded Dice

    6L LPG conversion

    I did some research here before doing it and have since seen a few people asking about it and with the price of fuel at the moment its no wonder, so here's some fuel for the fire if you'll pardon the pun. I recently bought a MY12 SSV Redline and had a vapour injection system fitted at the...
  8. M

    New Speedo Cluster

    My Speedo is playing up these days and went to mech and he told me I need a new speedo, quoted me $600 and will set the kms same as on my old one, but i thought was bit steep, So went to wreckers yesterdsy and they are giving me one for $150 with few thousand ks above the current one. So my...
  9. D

    vn s1 commodore dual fuel stalling only on gas

    i have a 90' model vn commodore that i recently got the gas tank restamped and running again. since then the car runs fine at 60km/ph + on both lpg and fuel but stalls on lower speed only on lpg. there is a round metal device fixed between the throttle body and the air filter tube that haves...
  10. Z

    Vy/vz calais supercharged on lpg?

    Hey there folks, just want to know the facts, not really opinions on makin a supercharged v6 vy/vz calais DUal Fuel? I know many people would say it cannot be done, or should not be done.... but is it actually problematic? and why so?
  11. FXST01

    Memcals and Gas settings

    What maps/fields should be changed in a memcal when a car is on gas? What maps/fields should be changed in a memcal when a car is dual fuel?