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duel fuel

  1. H

    Duel fuel issues

    Hello everyone, a while ago I posted a thread talking about issues with my 94 vr with a LG2 Duel fuel buick, Turned out to be a weak ignition system. I am currently having a issue with the car now, and am seeking some advice/knowledge from the community, thank you in advance. So I drive car to...
  2. M

    LPG system playing up // LPG error codes?

    I've bought a 2010 VE series 2 with factory fitted LPG. It has been driving beautifully for the past few months. After a recent fill up, it randomly started to jerk while driving on the freeway (I usually drive it at 100km/h to and from work). Then it automatically beeped and switched itself to...
  3. EYY

    Vs v6 LPG Wiring

    Hi guys, I've just got my hands on a Sprintgas LPG system for my vs statesman and am at the stage of wiring it all up. In regards to the lambda controller, I need to find out how to wire it all correctly. I assume that one of the wires goes to the oxygen sensor and another to the stepper...
  4. J

    VY II Storm Ute Duel Fuel (LPG) *Problems* Can anybody be of any assistance?

    Hi, I currently have a VY II storm ute which is running a duel fuel setup. The ute is running perfectly on ULP though when i try to change over to LPG the car just stalls. I also cannot start the car on LPG which i usually used to be able to to. Im not sure whether anybody can help me with this...
  5. H

    1995 vr duel fuel wont start. injectors or bcm?

    i just got a 1995 vr commodore duel fuel the first thing i noticed was there is fuel in the oil and it wont start i got the key to finally go but the car wont start the immobiliser light turned off when i got the key to go but there is no power to the injectors the belt spins and everything else...
  6. D

    Can you tune a duel fuel car?

    Hi All, I have a question about tuning my duel fuel VZ sedan 2006 (175kw). I've got on order a cold air intake and mace manifold insulators... Soon will be exhaust and extractors (maybe extractors) and that's it really. Most people I've spoken to are unsure on how it works when it...
  7. speed__demond

    help vr stalls sometimes

    ok vr on gas works most of the time but occasionally it stalls about 10 seconds after starting wch ****es me off because im already down the street after stalling it takes few seconds to start and sometimes stalls again but yet other times it runs fine dad said the injectors...