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dvd installing

  1. C

    can a VE SS be fitted withe a genuine holden Roof mount DVD player?

    Hey i have a ve ss Z series wagon, and i want to fit a genuine holden blaupunkt roof mount dvd player into it, but before i buy one i want to make sure it will fit. i rang around and got different answers from different people some said i can't wire it up some said i could one guy said it...
  2. N

    Broken DVD Player, Holden can't help

    Hi Guys, The front clip on my 2005 VZ Calais dvd player broke a couple of months ago and so the screen fell down and has been swinging in the breeze since, its that bad now that the hinges have broken and its looking pretty sketchy. I went to Holden to try and get a replacement part but he...
  3. S

    WK caprice DVD player into WH statesman

    Hi all first post on the forums. As above I am halfway through putting a WK Caprice interior into my WH Statesman but I am stuck on the dvd player. I want to either run the dvd player independantly without the head unit or run the screens off the headunit (would prefer the first option). I...
  4. T

    need help with Road Warrior 7 Inch Touchscreen Car DVD Player with GPS please

    hi all im new to this site but i just got my new head unit for chinavasion i was just wondering with the wires on this and the wires on to my vx whats they are different has any body have the same head unit and have put it in to a vx i just trying to do all my research before i go head and do...