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dvd screen

  1. X

    WM dvd seats in CalaisV with roof mount dvd

    WM seats with dvd screen into VE Calais with roof dvd... Can they be connected?
  2. bigboytom

    ve ss head unit

    I want to install a VE SSV head unit in to my VE SS and i want to know if the is anything i need to do the change the head unit
  3. N

    Broken DVD Player, Holden can't help

    Hi Guys, The front clip on my 2005 VZ Calais dvd player broke a couple of months ago and so the screen fell down and has been swinging in the breeze since, its that bad now that the hinges have broken and its looking pretty sketchy. I went to Holden to try and get a replacement part but he...
  4. somefool

    Ebay gear? (dvd screen)

    hey guys what do you think of this item? any good? is it worth it? opinions? Single Din + 7" Car DVD Player + GPS Navigation + IPOD - eBay Car Video Units With GPS Nav, Car Video, Car Electronics, Electronics. (end time 04-Mar-10 02:32:57 AEDST)