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  1. W

    Help upgrading a 2010 VE Commodores stock sound sytem incl preamp outs for an amp+sub

    I have been using Just Commodores as a source for information ever since I had my second car, a VT Commodore, however it has been rare for me to have to actually post something on this forum to get the information I need, so first of all I would like to say a quick thanks to all the helpful and...
  2. R

    interia boot lid trim to hide dynamat??

    hey guys and girls, just finished my sound system in my VY S II and i have dynamatted the front doors and the boot lid. is there some sort of boot trim that i can buy to cover up the dynamat? was there a factory option for a carpeted boot lid cover to hide the underside of the boot lid? thanks
  3. N

    Sound Deadening

    Iv just ordered a heep of sound deadning mats and am looking to sound proof the entire car when the mats arrives. My problem is getting in the spots that are hard to reach. Iv been searching for auto foams but cant really find any where to buy it in Aus. Does anyone know where to buy it or have...