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  1. D

    Vt headlights

    I think I have an earth issue with my LH headlight, when I turn highbeam on it goes out. Does anyone think it is worth buying a headlight from wrecker or is the problem not in the light itself? Or could it be a relay possibly?
  2. D

    VT headlights

    G'day guys, Have rego due tomorrow and mechanic is being an arse about my headlights, when I turn the highbeam on, lowbeam goes out on the passenger side. Is this most likely just a poor earth connection or other problem, if you think earth, does anyone know where the culprit may be located...
  3. J

    earth problem. Help

    Hi Guys. Have just installed a Power Train reversing camera system with distance sensors from Repco. Box that monitor, camera and sensors plug into is mounted in the boot with 3 power wires coming from it. Black to Earth, Yellow to Reversing Lights power and Red to Power Source. Disconnected...
  4. D

    Experiencing Check Powertrain warning and other problems ( ECU or EARTHS)

    For a while now i have been having problems that seem to be related to the ECU on my VZ Executive. At first every now and then the Check Powertrain warning would come on when starting the car, then every now and then it will take 2-5 turns of the key to star the engine, then sometimes i will...
  5. J

    Crank angle sensor???????

    Hello all I'm a new member I have just bought a VS V6 3.8 for the 1st week it ran perfect then one night driving home it just stalled doing 70km/h I pulled over and had trouble getting it started, after about 5 minutes it started so I started heading for home, over then next 30km's or so it...
  6. stevebutler

    My headlights are on drugs.. help?

    Angel Eye dramas :( https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=2029127226449 Story goes. Driving to Melbourne from Adelaide, a small rubber object (soccer ball size) fell off the back of a passing truck and struck the drivers fron corner somewhere. Since then... 1. parkers seemingly work fine...
  7. [Linkin Park]

    Left Indicator Stays on When Locking Car and Sometimes Headlights. BCM?

    Well when I lock the car only the left hand indicator stays on alot of the time but it is intermittent. The same with the headlights when they are turned on when locking the car but more rare but use to be like every time I lock the car but the indicator is now the common fault and headlights...
  8. R

    VR Executive horn wiring

    This is complicated: 1. My VR Executive does not have air bags. 2. I had horn problems and removed the horn button. 3. Two wires from the rear of the horn button disappaered into the steering column. 4. One of the wires became detached at a plug/socket connector and the wire disappeared down...