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  1. E

    [VT-VX] How to install an aftermarket tacho in VT/VX (I've been told it is the same in VY/VZ)

    So, there is a fair bit of debate as to how this is done but I'm going to tell you the relatively simple way. Step 1. Remove the fuse cover panel under the steering column. Step 2. Remove the dash facia. The first step is to remove the to screws at the back of the piece around the gear...
  2. StormVY

    A guide to cheap and easy mods for your VY

    I don't want to spend a lot on my car for various reasons so have been doing small mods here and there and figured others may be interested in this sort of information. If you want an extensive thread on ALL things VY go here, dufus has compiled 2 massive posts with all the info you need...