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  1. 3

    Ebay aftermarket Taillights, good or not good?

    Hey everyone, I have owned my VS Ute for about a month now and was looking at changing the stock taillights for something a little more appealing to the eye. Was looking a the clear tail lights from ebay but wasn't sure if they were any good or not as I've heard of problems such as leakage when...
  2. klavins

    Cheap OTR intake

    Seen a few cheap OTR cold air intakes on eBay. Has anyone tried these and are they any good? They're around half the price of Orssom and VCM, etc. Example: Holden VE OTR Intake SV6 V6 Commodore VE V6 Performance AIR Intake System | eBay
  3. S

    Is it worth it?

    Is $600 plus gts worth it for a set of ultra low king springs and a set of ultralow shocks to go with it off ebay? All brand new of course? Opinions please as I don't want to get ripped off cheers guys
  4. V

    VR/VS Cluster

    Hey Guys, Is there anyone out there that has one of these types of dash facia thing on there car? Im wondering if these things are any good or just a waste of money. http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/ODAwWDgwMA==/$T2eC16VHJHIE9nyseFruBQwrfvrsZw~~60_3.JPG This guy has a whole lot of them on ebay...
  5. D

    eBay: "street-commodores" body kit

    Hi, has anyone ever bought a body kit from this seller?? I was wondering what the quality is like as I have seen some very dodgy aftermarket ones lol. cheers
  6. barra218

    People say funny things

    My brother (vx s pack) came to me this arv and goes, Oi, i can get 1000 Hp outa my car for $6000, Im like, who told you that?....... Ebay he reckons. Hate to burst ya bubble buddy... Haha, post some more funny **** people say!
  7. Thesickness86

    Ebay links

    Just wondering if we're allowed to links to our eBay page. I had a quick look at the rules but couldn't find anything
  8. VNCalais3800

    Ebay Listing DNA 2.0 Farad Car Audio Capacitor Chrome ACP2000

    Ebay Listing Hey I got this capacitor i have no use for anymore so it has to go $125 starting price $20 postage ends a bit after 7 aest 2 December. search in ebay search Item number: 330500489779 5" Monster Tacho Autogage By Autometer With Shift Light Blue In Color. $75 starting price...
  9. somefool

    Ebay gear? (dvd screen)

    hey guys what do you think of this item? any good? is it worth it? opinions? Single Din + 7" Car DVD Player + GPS Navigation + IPOD - eBay Car Video Units With GPS Nav, Car Video, Car Electronics, Electronics. (end time 04-Mar-10 02:32:57 AEDST)
  10. JSTCOZ

    Urgent ebay

    Hey all, I was having a glance around ebay for a sub or amp just for the hell of looking. Found this >> Pioneer Sub & Coustic Amp - eBay Subwoofers, Audio, Video, Car Parts, Accessories, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 26-Feb-10 16:05:29 AEDST) << I live right near them and it ends in 3hours...
  11. JSTCOZ

    Pod Air Filter

    delete please searched and found the answer.
  12. VRV6BT1

    fluid coolers, how to?

    Hey, I just purchased both a trans cooler and power steering cooler off ebay. I want to install the trans cooler in-line with the output of the cooler in the radiator. 1. Is there a kit I can buy to connect up to the standard connectors? 2. Does anyone know the best way to install it...