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  1. DeathSammich

    L67 Fuel Consumption

    I have an l67 with 2 cylinders reading 60psi. I'm just wondering if 2 down cylinders and random misfiring on the 2 would be the cause of high fuel consumption? Averaging around 17l per 100? If I get the cylinders fixed will my economy dramatically increase or would something else be causing it...
  2. DeathSammich

    High Fuel Consumption

    Sorry for posting again but my VT is using a lot of fuel, 15L per 100KM. I've recently changed the fuel pump, o2 Sensors, fuel filter, oil, oil filter, cleaned maf sensor and changed air filter and still it uses heaps of fuel. What else can I do to fix this issue?
  3. V

    VN – VP – VR - VS Performance Modifications: Economy and or Just Pure Speed …

    Hi Everyone, I have recently bought a VP Executive Series II. I am Totally new to Holden Commodore ownership. I am also new to the current technology available to Improve economy, performance, and speed, of my VP Executive Series II. I have been reading many great articles and write–ups from...
  4. R

    [SA] Alloytec 190 fuel economy.

    I recently got a great WL statesman in great condition at a really good price. After doing some research i decided to get a V6 for the fuel economy and this statesman was perfect. Before the statesman i always drove European cars so i stuck to using Shell V power 98 with my new toy. Just...
  5. moocow

    very bad fuel economy

    hey guys c: my car is a 1995 vs berlina with a vt engine. I'd been noticing my fuel economy get worse and worse for a little while now. lately it has been really bad. a tank of fuel would be lucky to last me a week with light driving to work and back and the occasional other trip. a large...
  6. W

    VX SS Manual vs Auto Fuel Economy

    G'day, I've been doing a bit of reading and i'm getting the impression that the auto variant of the VX SS gets better fuel efficiency than the manual? Aside from the fact that people with manuals may drive harder, is there a logical explanation for this? I figured the 2 extra gears would...
  7. speed__demond

    shift kit fuel consumption?

    hi i have a vr and am thinking of getting a stage two shift kit and a corvette servo installed... will this effect my fuel economy?
  8. M

    Aluminium Body Panel Commodore in 2013

    $40m taxpayer injecton for lightweight Holden Commodore Saw this Article just now and thought id share it. Im not sure if its been posted or is well know about already but its pretty exciting news for Australia's favorite car. 7% weight reduction equates to about 125kg's which will give it a...
  9. tHe_sTiG

    Cruise it or don't cruise it + what's overdrive?

    Hi there guys, I'd like to know how to drive my car with optimum fuel economy and with the least wear on engine and transmission. My current VZ Exec (175 kw, 4 speed auto GM4L60) is my first car and I don't quite understand everything about it... yet. The town I live in usually has quiet...
  10. mrc25381

    Performance chips

    Can anyone tell me a bit about performance chips? How they work, where they go, how much power is increased, are they fuel economical, etc etc..
  11. T

    Thinking about getting my first Commodore VL

    Alright peeps, Just been reading all about the Commodore VL on the internet and can't find anywhere what MPG i should expect. Firstly, I should explain that one is a pom and the thought of running a 3.0l v6 is slightly terrifying. Especially, when my car back home is a Renault Megane CC...