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  1. T

    VX Commodore starts but only runs for a few seconds

    My VX commodore ecotec will fire and run but at most it will only run for 2-3 seconds. I believe I can hear the fuel pump working. Engine was running fine but all of a sudden it wouldn't start. Any ideas or fixes? Thanks
  2. P

    How much oil do your rockers get?

    I think I may have some oiling issues with the top end of my L67 but I'm not completely sure. Would someone please be able to describe/video how much oil is present on the rocker arms/springs once warmed up and running? Is there any splashing around? Thanks.
  3. P

    [VT-VX] Use LS1 radiator cover on V6 (with Mace CAI)

    I've seen a couple photos of this before but not much else, I just did it today so thought I would quickly describe it for anyone interested. Essentially, you modify the radiator cover from a VT-VY LS1 to fit the V6 model when using a Mace cold air intake. If done well, it provides a much...
  4. T

    VY Ecotec into VS supercharged Statesman

    Hi all, This one is a bit backwards to the usual conversion that you see people asking about and, as such, I haven't been able to find any info about it. A bloke I work with has asked if I can swap the buggered supercharged motor out of his VS Statesman (which also has no gearbox) with the NA...
  5. H

    l67 back to L36

    hey guys hope everyone's well, as for my inquiry, this ones slightly of a different nature. I'm currently in the process of reversing a standard l67 swap in a VX, Long story short iv'e bought a short l36 engine and used the trans and torque converter off the super 6, retaining the l36 flywheel...
  6. Draimond

    VS LS Swap Build

    I'm feeling stuck, not sure which way to go. Did a big end bearing whilst doing some gravel drifting in my VS ecotec. Looking at putting no more than about $11k in for parts and machining. The goal is to have a strong street car that sounds p###ed off and obnoxious. More specifically: low 5k...
  7. J

    What oil for v6 getrag?

    Hey guys, just got my new ute and going to be doing a much needed service for it, I was just wondering what type of oil would be ok to use with the v6 getrag gear box? Had some nulon 75w85 full synthetic (gl-4?) In an unopened bottle in the shed but not sure if it would be ok to use? Also the...
  8. V

    My VS Commodore 3.8 ecotec v6 engine ticks

    My Vs commodore with 198,000kms is ticking (watch the video) Does anyone know how to fix it?
  9. Michael Kuyer

    Supercharging a 98 VT

    Gday everyone, I picked up a VT Wagon a few months ago and was wondering whats gonna be the easiest/cheapest way going about supercharging it, Not looking for anything to high end if u know what i mean, I want to just supercharge it as a way of learning how to do it all and that, Its still...
  10. M

    Vt not starting after rocker install (backfires)

    Ecotec v6 Hi all, sorry for posting again but I couldn't find a direct answer so here I am... again :-( So anyway I purchased some 1.98:1 ratio rockers off gumtree that were second hand and they came with some push rods which I believe were a little longer than stock, I think they were comp cam...
  11. M

    Want a stock full l67 system from headers back

    Hi all again, just posting an add wanting some help on the gold coast region, I'm just wondering if anyone has a stock l67 twin system exhaust from the headers back? You know like where the y piece is on the ecotec on the l67 it's a twin cat and stays twin the whole way down. If anyone has...
  12. M

    Vt calais engine swap questions

    Hey guys, I understand this has probably been asked before but I've just joined "just Commodores" and have a quick question. So I'm replacing the motor on my calais as it has finally let go after 360.000ks and a full day of hooning on the track. I'm just wondering when you separate the motor...
  13. A

    Totally lost!

    I own a vy 2002 ecotec ute I’ve recently had an issue that I can not figure out. Started when I was driving sorta felt like it was starving for fuel stuttering and splattering got home started with the fuel filter new fuel didn’t fix it. Started looking into it more it sort of starts playing up...
  14. A

    Vu V6 exhaust

    hi all so i have a vu ute powered by a stock ecotec, im just lookingg to do a few tasteful mods as its my daily drive im thinking extractors and high flow cat and catback exhaust along with a cold air intake and pod filter plus msd coil packs, my question is what would be the best exhaust set...
  15. C

    Vy ecotec surging issue after fitting manifold spacer

    Hey guys I thought I'd repost this in here.. i have got a vy commodore ecotec. I got given a 25mm manifold spacer but it was to suit a vs ecotec. So I sourced a vs intake manifold and plenum and changed it over. As for the vs manifold not having the egr valve I just crimped the metal pipe on...
  16. C

    Vy ecotec strange problem

    Hey guys so iv got a vy ecotec. I got given a 25mm manifold spacer but it was to suit a vs ecotec. So I sourced a vs intake manifold and plenum and changed it over. As for the vs manifold not having the egr valve I just crimped the metal pipe on mine, I wasn't sure if this was going to cause and...
  17. EliMeme

    "HSV Enhanced Ecotec"

    So I got a mate who's given me a VS (he's ripped the engine out of his old VS so there's no compliance plate) just an executive and he reckons the Ecotec in it is "HSV Enhanced" but I've done hours of research and by the looks of it they didn't even make one, if anyone has any knowledge on what...
  18. holdencallous

    Manifold Spacer: is it worth it?

    Hey guys, I just recently installed a 25MM Manifold spacer on my VX in hopes that I would get a bit more down low, to be able to have it breathe better and to get better fuel economy. This is my experience. Putting it on, a breeze, you could be blind deaf and have no hands and still be able to...
  19. J

    Issue, looking for o-Ring size for high pressure power steering hose connection to pump, VT V6

    I’m replacing my power steering pump this arvo and I have no ide what size O-ring you are supposed to install when replacing the old one, it’s the O-ring that sits on the high pressure hose connection to the power steering pump, thanks, I have a VT V6 series 2 executive
  20. andruku

    VS Ecotec starting issues

    Hi, First post, wanted some ideas on what could be the issue. Symptoms Fault is intermittent, car won’t start sometimes Turn the key to start and it clicks once. Car: 1996 Holden Berlina V6 auto What I’ve done. Charged battery, it started, used multimeter to test alternator was charging...
  21. G

    Replacing Headgaskets and Intake manifold gaskets

    Hi JC users, (sorry for the long write up) Ive used this forum many times for tips and solutions to problems and have found the threads on here very helpful, especially with the how-to guides. I have 'bookmarked' all the guides I will need for this operation on my car but still have a few...
  22. RorzaaBoy

    Fitting for a/c drier broke, cant find replacement

    I was driving to a mates place, when all of a sudden.. BOOM!! Radiator explodes, along with it a nut/fitting for the a/c drier. Ive got a new radiator but cant find a replacement for that fitting anywhere.. please help I drive a vr wagon with 3.8l ecotec
  23. N

    L67 identification

    Hi everyone, had a search but couldn’t find anything. Does anyone know if there’s a way to identify a l67 block, I’ve just bought a supercharged vs and was told it had a full l67 in it (not just top end) but it’s mated to a getrag box and has dowls in crank. I’m sceptical it’s actually an l67 I...
  24. C

    Vy commodore develops a miss when hot

    Hey guys iv got a vy v6 commodore that has had a miss for some time which i thought i had fixed, but i have noticed the miss comes back once the engine is hot. Originally i replaced coil packs, dfi module, plugs and leads and the car has been running great. I have recently got the car...
  25. N

    Loud backfire help

    If anyone has any ideas as to what the **** is going on with my car id really appreciate it. This cars just had problem after problem Ive got a vs ecotec manual ute, picked it up for $350 with no rego, clutch or fuel pressure. After i got it, i changed plugs, leads, injectors rail and regulator...
  26. DeathSammich

    L67 Timing Chain

    Will be changing the heads on my L67 very soon and was just wondering if it's worth changing the timing chain at the same time? The car has done about 260000kms. How long do these chains last? Will replacing it pick up some lost power? And is there a guide on here to do it? Cheers.
  27. DeathSammich

    Compression Test Results

    Just performed a dry and wet comp test. Wet test did bairly anything. The car has 256xxxks on it. Results are Left bank 75 100 125 Right bank 125 95 125 Doing a leak down in a couple days. Let me know what you guys think!
  28. DeathSammich

    Engine Build

    Hey, just wondering if doing a rebuild when is a cylinder bore necessary? And if a bore has to be done say 20 or 30 thou over, If using OEM oversized pistons is a tune required? Or is the oversizing negligible? The engine has 256xxxks in it and am not sure whether to hone it myself and re ring...
  29. jprior2912

    Manual Conversion - VZ Alloytec

    Hi all, I have the opporutnity to purchase a written off VY commodore (t-boned) that has had a manual conversion. I have a VZ executive and was wondering if I bought it, could I swap the gearbox in it to the manual form the VY, or, because it's an Ecotec motor, are they different...
  30. DeathSammich

    VY Idle Vacuum

    Hey guys recently got a VY l67. I've done a decent sized service since getting it. Done lim gaksets, replaced charger gasket, charger ubend gasket, tb gasket, PVC gasket, spark plugs, oil, coolant, thermostat and o2 sensors. My main concern is it still doesnt seem to pull a good amount of...
  31. Tr3nchy

    VS V6 Ecotec overheating!

    I realise this has been similarly posted before but I’ve been through them all and wanted some personalised advice. My 1996 VS Equipe, is overheating, guy that owned it before me had removed thermo-fan relay and placed a switch from fuse box to dash, it worked well but is really annoying to...
  32. C

    Vs buick conversion need help

    Hey everyone just put a buick with a t5 behind it into my auto vs berlina everythings working fine turns over but doesnt run i used the ecu and harness from the buick motor ive ordered a new memcal with vats delete should my car work after this? Is there Anything i missed?
  33. jamie tsagliotis

    Coolant leak

    Hey guys found a coolant leak just after what the part is called? Its to the left of the water pump and under the alternator with its hose connecting to the heat tap. Also would it be best to replace the part or just sealing it. Thanks heaps guys
  34. DeathSammich

    Lean Cruise Settings

    What's the best settings for lean cruise? Can I save fuel by setting road speed to say 55 rather than 70 and changing the afrs from 18.1 to 15.4?
  35. DeathSammich

    Fuel Consumption Issue

    I have an l67 and it uses a decent amount of fuel. At idle in park qhen warm uses 1.9-2.2l per hour on the display and in drive uses 2.2-.2.6l per hour. I've read it's meant to read around 1.6? What things could effect my idle usage? I think idle usage pretty much reflects driving usage which is...
  36. DeathSammich

    L67 Fuel Consumption

    I have an l67 with 2 cylinders reading 60psi. I'm just wondering if 2 down cylinders and random misfiring on the 2 would be the cause of high fuel consumption? Averaging around 17l per 100? If I get the cylinders fixed will my economy dramatically increase or would something else be causing it...
  37. DeathSammich

    Lost Cylinder Compression

    Have a recent rebuilt l67 and lost compression in 2 cylinders. Both around 60psi. I have new heads to put on it but was just wondering, if 2 cylinders are down on compression would that cause a major increase in fuel consumption? Like 16-18l per 100 average? Thanks
  38. U

    Vy Stroked 4.2l Ecotec

    Hi all, i know this has probably been posted more then a few times but i cant find any recent posts anyway that ask what i need to know Now before any body says don't waste your money just buy an 8, i can't i'm on my p's for a while now because i was a ******** when i was younger, i'd love too...
  39. DeathSammich

    Car Struggling to Start

    Ive just finished an l67 rebuild, Put new injectors in, new coils, tried multiple DFIs, new plugs and have tested my spark leads and, injector pulse, coil resistance and all. It goes pretty well when it goes but seems like it has a slight misfire. But when you turn it off and try to start it...
  40. DeathSammich

    L67 Injectors

    L67 running rough and just realised I had l36 Injectors in lol. What symptoms would this cause due to the fact it isn't tuned to use l36 Injectors? Would it explain struggling to start/not starting and running really rough with lack of throttle response? Thanks