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  1. Scruff

    VX coolant

    Got a new radiator not long ago, was just having a gander at the instructions for installation and it recommends using type b coolant(anti corrosive) but everything I've seen for the car says to use antifreeze/boil, mainly nulon long life, just wondering what you folk would say is the correct...
  2. C

    Vy ute, looking for opinions

    Hey, I own a Vy 3.8L V6 Ecotech ute, and im on my p's in SA. Fitting an exhaust kit is not only expensive but is it worth the full lot? I was keen to fir the whole lot, extractors and all, until i saw the price for each extractor and now it had deterred me a bit. Is it even legal for me to...
  3. D

    Factory built Ecotech engine in an SV6?

    Hey, I'm new to my mechanical understanding of cars and I'm quite confused at what I have. I got this car for free off my sister lets say she won't be driving for a while (DUI) :P It was bought from a dealer advertised as a 2004 VY SV6 but from my research I now understand they don't exist and...
  4. xDriiftPrincess

    Help! VS Calais acts like starving for fuel in first gear and Drive first gear!

    I have a Vs Calais, I have replaced everything in the fuel and ignition system, and it is still doin it! It is splattering like it is running out of fuel, even with a full tank! I do have a theory on what it could be but just want some opinions first! My temp gauge is out of order haha and I...
  5. T

    VT II, Car dies out of nowhere?

    hey, ive got a 99 vt series 2, as i was driving it the other day i stopped to go into shop came out and car wouldnt start like it was out of petrol, so as mines dual fuel (not factory i dont think) switched over to lpg but i know i didnt have in gas in it still started but was chugging as it had...
  6. N

    Knocking/tapping sound in VS ecotech 3.8L gets louder with RPM

    Hi all, first post so be gentle. Had an LPG backfire in the VS 3.8L while on the freeway (blew the clips off the air filter box) and now the engine is making a very distinct knocking/tapping sound that gets louder with revs. Prior to this there was a different tapping that went away with revs...
  7. B

    Vt v6 Overheating Problem... HELP!

    Hey guys, I have a overheating problem with my vt v6. Ive replaced the heater tap, thermostat, waterpump, radiator cap, overflow bottle and given it a flush. Made sure i bled it properly afterwards. Was running ok, drove today from Bowen to Mackay (bout 200kms) and all was good for 150ks then...
  8. 9

    job done: intake manifold gaskets

    hey guys, just changed the intake manifold gaskets on my 3.8ltr V6 ecotech and thought I'd share some pictures. Car has done close to 290.000km and is a 99 VT Series II. Going by the date imprinted on the old gaskets and the state they are in, this might actually be the first time this job was...
  9. M

    Ecotech starting problems

    Hi guys, im new here so go easy on me! :kiss: I've got a '97 VS and she has a few issues starting hot. I've already replaced the alternator and starter motor (brand new from Repco). When the new starter went in, it worked fine for about a month and now its starting to become hard to start again...
  10. S

    vy exhaust

    wondering if an exhaust from the cat on a vs ecotec would fit on my vy exec?
  11. H

    ecotech vs buick compatability

    hey guys just wondering if the blocks on the ecotech and buick 3.8ltrs are pretty much the same will my camshafts n other internal parts ive upgraded on my buick bolt straight into the eco tech block any help would be very appreciated
  12. J

    Plenum Spacer ECOTECH

    Hi I was just wondering if any who HAS ACTUALLY installed a mace plenum spacer could tell me which one to buy with my car having extractors and air intake or IF THEY ACTUALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE. ??????
  13. admk69

    VX Ecotec AUTO Revving up/down or changing between gears @ 50-70 ks

    My Vx Commodore auto ecotec V6 surges when on gas or petrol. It happens around 50-70ks. i can see the rev needle going up and down. I'm not sure if it's changing between gears or just revving. it has a pulling feel as it tries to settle at a consistent speed. I have cleaned the throttle body...
  14. J

    [VIC] WTB: vs ecotech motor

    ITEM: 3.8 ecotech motor preferably out of a vs dont need comp loom box just motor.. LOCATION: frankston area CONDITION: New or Used OTHER INFO: dont care on ks hopefully it runs a little no huge damage to internals etc. thanks
  15. 1

    Help With Holden VS

    I've got a problem my mate has a motor for my VS and tells me it runs on positive ground, is that true? I thought that went out with dinosaurs!! he reckons that if you take a globe out of the headlights and touch it on the body it will work!!!!
  16. JBoags

    [NSW] 03 VY manual sedan. Slammed with 20s

    ITEM: 03 VY Commodore Sedan LOCATION: Newcastle, N.S.W YEAR: 2003 SERIES: VY Ser 1 BADGE: Executive ENGINE: 3.8 eco tech TRANSMISSION: Standard manual gearbox. car built manual.. not conversion. COLOUR: Quiksilver EXTERIOR CONDITION: Good condition. Regualar paint chips...
  17. aussie 94 vr

    my creation of a vr v6

    hay all well i just bought a 94 VR V6 SII for $300.00 (surprising i know). but this is whats going to happen over this year... the motor is on its way (450.000 k) out. i have a VX ecotech V6 waiting for me in werrbie. 128.000k on the clock having 30thou oversize pistons placed in plus an stage2...