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  1. T

    Faulty ECU - DTC P0601

    Hi all, Putting this post up to track a fault and for future reference in the hopes it helps other people who may encounter the same problem. I have a 2014 VF SSV ute (L77 6.0) that has developed a sudden stall after approximately 40 minutes of driving or running, with the message "Engine Power...
  2. H

    VR Wagon Not Cranking, Relay Not pulling in

    How’s it going guys, Having trouble with my wagon. Put Key in, turn it, wagon won’t crank. Starter relay isn’t pulling in, have tested it and the switched Earth it gets from BCM/ECU isn’t getting there allowing it to pull. Guessed at park switch, replaced it, still nothing. Bridged a known earth...
  3. VX Sean

    Help advice on how to get my car started

    The car has been in storage for 7 years the car wouldn't recognise the key anymore so I changed the BCM and PCM and using the new FOB everything works except the car won't start well it's start but just for a brief second then cuts out any advice on where to go to with this
  4. L

    Vz wont start

    Hey guys just wondering if someone can help? I have a 04 vz commodore, last week it wouldnt start wouldnt even try turn over bit of help from youtube and i got it going, yesterday its done the same thing but my youtube trick didnt help, it wont even try turn just has dash lights come up tells...
  5. N

    Misfiring 07 3.6

    we have an 07 VE with 135,000km, battery died so I replaced it. Everything worked fine until the next day when it developed a bad misfire on cylinders 1,2,4 & 6. I replaced the coils and plugs and the misfire was still there but now cylinders 2 & 6. Disconnect the battery to see if that would...
  6. B


    Hi all, I am a bit confused, I recently bought a Calais that has been sitting for 18 months, put a battery in and nothing except fuel gauge error Ok ecu is dead , can start it by paper clip in relay no probs and keeps starting for a while afterwards then nothing after leaving it overnight, so...
  7. V

    VZ L76 Computer Relocation

    Hey guys, I can’t seem to find anything on relocating the ecu for the l76, all I can find is LS1 info. Just wondering who’s done it and how you did it. Trying to tidy up the engine bay but can’t seem to find anything for it.
  8. S

    EBCM ABS Connector Pinout

    Hi All, Looking if someone can help provide me a pin out for the ABS module in the VY V8, Im after the rear Solenoid connections (Connector YE98 from what ive found). i have done a fair bit of research but all i can find is the sensors that are labeled and not the solenoids even in the service...
  9. S

    06 vz issues

    Hey guys I got a 2006 vz Leo sedan and was having random codes spat out and really rough idle/kept shutting down so I got it towed home and the tow truck guy had a wagon that he basicly gave to me, got the mechanic to do the engine swap and now the car eventually starts and runs smooth as. But...
  10. P

    VE Wagon Parking warning ECU location

    My Series 2 Sportswagon has (had) a warning sensor for if something wandered into my path when reversing. A year ago it stopped working. Not particularly bothered, but it has a warning buzzer that sounds whenever I start and there is a warning in my dash all of the time about it. This is...
  11. Z

    Changed ECM, BCM and pim but no start

    Hey guy, so I have a vz sv6 that had a no crank issue and only working once we jumped the starter relay that we later found out it was a bad BCM. I found out that we could replace ECM BCM and pim with a matching key and it should all be plug and play. At the moment it is just cranking but...
  12. B

    04 VZ - Torque Management

    Hi everyone I was just wondering if anyone knows how I can disable the torque management on the ecu? No I don't want to do this for skids I want to do it cause I like to open it up on the highway a little and it just feels gutless, and can only think that it's the torque management being a pain...
  13. V

    VU maloo auto to manual

    G'day guys, I have a worked 02 vu maloo thats auto that I just got a full 02 vu ss to do the conversion. I know this has been posted a few times but I can't get a straight answer. Do I actually have to change the ecu/pcm to go to manual? And if so why would i not be able to just keep my stock...
  14. Don’t like new cars!

    Lost all my options!!!

    So VZ SV8 battery died and now I have lost all the good options in the menu?? Used to have multi stage unlock, headlight, horn bips, interior illumination etc... options but after the battery died now all I have is trip, rest, over speed and the other base options. I have disconnected and left...
  15. 5

    Motor swap and conversion

    To put an 05 VZ alloytec and 6sp manual box into an Auto 06 VE Omega, would that be a stuff about or what? How would I go about doing that with the possibility the ecu and computer won’t plug in. Worked on about every other car bar a Holden.
  16. scaredyet

    Low Fuel Warning Issue

    A couple of months ago I developed a low fuel warning issue with my 2005 VZ Wagon. Even though I had a full tank of fuel each time I would start my car I get a low fuel warning. I press mode on my dash to remove the warning but the fuel icon is still stays. The warning doesn't come back while...
  17. V

    Vu n/a v6 manual to l67 super 6 manual

    Hi guys I reacently bought a l67 vt series 2 so that I could transplant its motor and all other related items into my vu series 2. I have a couple questions someone may be able to help 1. My vu doesn't have abs or traction control and the vt does, so is there a way of getting around putting the...
  18. Heathenman13

    Advice SV5000

    Just scored genuine low kms SV5000 motor as replacement for engine i blew up in my 93 VP SS, Will this motor plug up to my car ok & will my VP V8 ecu be compatible to run this engine as it didint come with any wiring or ecu etc
  19. VTSS Adelaide

    Vt ss ls1 cut out while driving now wont crank over

    Car was running fine then just cut out when i stopped i tryed starting it with no luck bypassed fuel relay still no luck ran a wire to fuel pump that worked. then the cranking suddenly stopped so i bypassed the starter relay and that worked but wont crank by key i changed all fuses and relays...
  20. DjHarmes

    VY V6 loom on VX?

    Hey everyone, so I blew my motor in my vx bout a month ago and brought a motor and box out of a Vy with the loom, I was wondering if anyone know if it's straight plug and play or if there's any differences between the 2 , cheers
  21. N

    VZ Calais: Not starting; fuel gauge error

    Hey all, I jumped in the VZ Calais today only for it to not start; it's not even cranking at all. With this, there's a fuel gauge error and there's also very low fuel - but the tank is full. Also, from time to time when it was running, there would be some instances of it not starting on the...
  22. H

    Hot Start Cylinder Misfire

    Hey Folks, Seems i'm encountering an issue with my Vz (6 cylinder 175 kw), i'm getting a cylinder misfiring/locking out under very specific circumstances. On a cold start, car runs fine and will run fine indefinitely. However, do a trip and leave the car to rest for 10 minutes, turning on the...
  23. C

    Vz ecu help!!

    Hey guys, so I own an optioned out 2004 vz SV6 manual. Not very common as I've come to realise but need clarification with these dang ecus. Sadly there is basically no information and if there is, no one is sharing or it's hard to find. My ecu is basically fried. Fuel gauge error occasionally...
  24. N

    Compatibility VE-VF

    Hi, I needed to replace the engine in my VE as the old one carked it! Ringing around, I found that Heaps of people have different ideas on what is right and what works/doesn't work.. I needed an LFX engine and found one for a very reasonable price. Only problem was that it came off a VF (but...
  25. DeathSammich

    Lean Cruise Settings

    What's the best settings for lean cruise? Can I save fuel by setting road speed to say 55 rather than 70 and changing the afrs from 18.1 to 15.4?
  26. jprior2912

    Car Won't crank - opinions needed

    Hello all, I've been diving deep into this forum over the past few days trying to look for some kind of answer, but I'm still not 100% sure. I bought a really cheap 04 auto VZ executive last week, and was told it needed a new starter and then it would run fine. Changed starter and still...
  27. vnss355vyssLSA

    VN SS 355 no fuel no spark ecu issue?

    Hi everyone, didn’t know if I should post in the VN-VP section or on here but I’ll give it a shot... So I’ve recently purchased a 1990 s2 VN SS 355 after not having one for about 10 years. So basically the car won’t start, doesn’t have power to the pump, and no spark. I thought I’d start with...
  28. F

    Vy temp guage and fans and error messages

    Hi all. Babysitting a vy berlina wagon v6 for my workmate and want to fix some things for him to say thanks. First off a mech tried to test the ecu and it told him it was a calais ecu!!??. When driving it displays abs error srs error and check engine and also service error. Also the temp guage...
  29. G

    Fuel gauge won’t move from full

    Ive just installed a replacement iginition/security set (ECU, BCM, PIM) because my old ECU was faulty (check power train error and codes indicated ECU was faulty. The new set was from a 2005 v6 sedan and mine is 2005 v6 Ute. If works perfectly except my fuel gauge reads full and doesn’t...
  30. G

    Clearing Power Train Message

    Hi all, long time reader, first time poster, two questions related to the above for my vz Ute; - Firstly, after diagnostics have been run, can the message be cleared? If so how? - Secondly, the diagnostic showed Po601, which I believe means I need to replace the PCM (or get a full set to...
  31. Missytheblond

    I have a problem with the VT being sluggish :(

    Hi guys, New here, happy to be here, read a lot of good things and so on! Unfortunately I have an issue with my VT wagon. About two months ago I had new plugs and wires put on. About a month ago I had a coil fail and had to get a tow. Replaced coil, car acted fine since. (Replaced all 3...
  32. M

    06 VE Berlina immobiliser issue

    Hello people, Long time reader first time writer here apologies for any confusion.. A few months back I brought an 06 VE Berlina (not running) for $750 and thought BARGAIN .. The issues were that it had no battery and the engine was seized along with a few cosmetic issues like plastics inside...
  33. B

    VT-VU motor transfer. Starting complications

    hi all. Did an LS1/4L60E transplant from my S2 VT SS into a VU ute LS1 model but NOT an ss. So down to the issues During the transfer i noticed a few differences. The vt had ABS but the VU did not (no fuses for it, no module and no brake lines coming from the booster). The vu's harness plugs...
  34. R

    06 ve wont start and displaying stability control off

    Hi guys its my first time posting so i apologise in advance . My o6 ve has recently decided not to start , stability control off & contact dealer displays on screen. I had a diagnostic guy come out and run a odb2 on it & it won't even pick up the ecu so we tried replacing the ecu and still have...
  35. VY1996


    Alright so recently ive purchased a 2003 VY s supercharged, long story short engines stuffed and im just looking to swap an ECOTEC v6 into it as my main concern is to save as much money as possible. High tech parts has an wrecked VY with a normal v6 ecotec they mention however that few things...
  36. G

    3.6 VZ fault code/ecu troubles

    Hi all, I have an 04 VZ that's giving me grief. It idles ok for a few minutes, then has a cough, then idles ok again (repeats over n over again). It drives like it's only running on 5 cylinders and lacks power badly. Also has 'check powertrain' warning on dash with associated beeping. Had a scan...
  37. B

    does running a maf sensor with a mafless tuned ecu affect it

    Does plugging in a maf sensor into a mafless tuned ecu affect it in anyway? my understanding is it ignores input from maf and reads another input
  38. M

    help Dead ECU !!! no spark!!!

    Hey ALL! purchased a VL ROYALE for a couple hundred thats been sitting for ages and so far ive changed all the spark plugs new fuilds and flushes how ever on closer inspection the ECU lights on diagnostic or run , do not emmit any light, i have had a second ECU plugged in and same...
  39. M

    VZ 2006 ECU dead

    hey guys, long time lurker first time poster and a proud owner of a 2006 VZ. the ECU in my car is dead and requires replacing, just want to ask if replacing the ECU requires replacing any other parts ? cause a local mechanic is trying to sell me the ECU, 2 other parts that are unknown to...
  40. T

    Need help with l67 conversion!!

    I have a 1996 VS acclaim series 2 and i have a VY L67 is it possible to put that motor out of the VY into my VS and use the VY ECU and BCM? so i can use the VY loom? reason why I want the engine in my VS is because the VY is all dented and just looks crap haha